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Would you use your crypto currencies to pay anything in daily life if it was possible?




In 2009, Bitcoin was born, thus beginning a new era of payments. Using blockchain technology, the “crypto” user owns his own resources without the need for intermediaries, financial institutions or government services. Users can perform P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions directly between the parties, without interference from anyone. The only cost of the transactions, the small taxes, or “GAS”, are used to finance the operation of the chain itself, contrary to the high costs applied by governments and private institutions in traditional models.

The Blockchain resolves the issue of authenticity of information by distributed consent, introduces anonymity of transactions, but provides a record of transactions made public, also ensures transparency of resource flow and at the same time prevents governments from controlling the same flow between users. The ordinary citizen thus acquires total control of his or her finances without the need for intermediaries.

The only drawback, for now, arises from the doubt of the practical use of crypto-coins, their exchange between them and the exchange between crypto-coins and Fiat Coins. In fact, to date, for the owners of virtual “wallets” (Wallets) with crypto-coins, it is not really easy and cheap to make transactions.

If a user wants to use the crypto coins to pay his utilities or rent, he will first of all have to find a way to change the necessary amount in Fiat currency of the country where he lives, passing through “Exchanges” (Coinbase,, etc. …) that give this service with quite high costs, and then having to reclaim the Fiat sum received in his bank account absorbing again the cost of the transaction. Everything is resolved in 2 or 3 days. Not very practical!

Here we have to go back to our first question:

Would you use your crypto currencies to pay anything in daily life if it was possible?


5 points for the future of the digital payments market:

– Our exclusive technological hardware

Unlimited access to fully digital payment facilitation technologies thanks to our POS and ATM terminals, which will support our platforms with multi-payment and multi currencies option.

– Our Blockchain

We decided to create our own blockchain in order to have a decentralized ecosystem, which guarantees security and stability. The network will be active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruption.

– Our decentralized digital platform DM-UniCrypt

Facilitates access to the purchase and sale of cryptographic products through fiat currency, as well as offering traditional services to customers.

Commissions on transactions on the DMGlobal network are fixed, so operating costs do not increase based on the volume of transactions on the network. This happens in other blockchains, such as Bitcoin, making transactions expensive when many people use the network. Another advantage is that part of the amounts paid on transactions returns as income to DM-P terminal owners.

– First crypto-currency with a back-up fund

Through the reserve fund, which comes from a percentage of POS and ATM transaction fees, we will provide long-term stability to the DMG. The more people will use our network, the higher the market value of DMG currency.

– We will popularize the use of digital money in general

We create tools and benefits for users, we promote marketing campaigns for the use of Crypto coins, we also created an affiliate Referral plan with Bitcoin earnings and aggressive rewards.


Since the creation of Bitcoin and Blockchain we have been able to carry out “person-to-person” transactions without the intervention of third parties, in total security, thus beginning the era of crypto currencies.

A blockchain is a public ledger, in which all transactions made between the parties, involve the network, and will be verified by the same. It is therefore impossible to tamper with or falsify its data. Anyone with access to the Internet can track a transaction and know its status in real time. This technology eliminates the need for a third party in the process of certifying the truthfulness of the information.

The network is decentralized. This means that the information is not owned by any private or governmental institution. Every computer running the software has a copy of the entire registry book. If a computer loses its information or Internet access, the network remains operational and intact because all other members have data backups. Synchronization between computers on the network is instantaneous and automatic.

Security and transparency are primary features of Blockchain. All transactions performed on the network are approved through distributed consent. This ensures that each computer connected to the network must confirm a new transaction, based on the existing data in the blockchain. Therefore, each transaction requires a history that guarantees its truthfulness.

All computers must accept the same registry information. No isolated computer can create a log on the network. If attempted, this false information will not exist in the “transaction log” of all other connected computers, so attempted logging will not be allowed and this member will be banned. The distributed consent guarantees security by having the network itself supervise the transactions without human intervention or any other third party system.


One of the biggest problems with the mass adoption of crypto-currency is the high volatility of the market and the lack of reserves that guarantee a minimum value in case of market collapse.

The low volume traded with crypto-currency allows some large capital investors to manipulate prices.

Our solution to this problem is to support our DMG with a physical asset of intrinsic or monetary value. To make this possible, DG-Global has created a self-sustaining reserve fund through our POS and ATM payment network, thus supporting an increasing value to currency. The sums collected will then be invested to give more and more strength to the project itself and to the currency, thanks to the

This reserve fund will be fed by POS and ATM transaction fees.

DM-U (UniCrypt)

The crypto-currency market in the current model requires specific skills so that the average user can make a simple purchase of crypto-currencies. You need to open an exchange account and exchange between the fiduciary currency and the desired crypto-currency. To make this trade you need to create buy and sell orders in order books, understanding quotes and various other factors of the financial market.

DMG introduces in its ecosystem the design of a digital bank that aims to simplify the process of buying and selling crypto-currency. In DM-U the user deposits the credit into his account via a simple bank transfer and can immediately convert this value into the crypto-currency of his choice. The user can deposit fiat currency and convert it into crypto-currency or the reverse at the push of a button.

The account balance can be used for all conventional banking functions. You can make payments from invoices, deposits and interbank transfers. No complex business processes or transactions to buy or sell crypto-currency.

The inclusion of DM-U completes the cycle of user-friendliness that DMG aims for in its design. The DMG user will have in a single platform the entire payment ecosystem used for use in conventional banking networks.


To create an ecosystem that allows you to be free in managing your own money, have your own decentralized and unassailable wallet in which to convey fiat and crypto currencies, from which to make any desired financial transaction, for anyone on the globe, without constraints, complications, unnecessary expenses, in total freedom, this is our Vision.

Our Mission is to give all crypto-currency holders the opportunity to use them in everyday’s life thanks to our simple and practical payment systems and to the use of our POS and ATMs. With a few clicks you will make an easy purchase of the desired crypto-coins, and own a multi-currency wallet that contains Fiat and crypto-coins.

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