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Why Intelligent HERO is an important platform ?



intelligent hero

The year is coming to an end and varied opinions are going on around about the crypto industry. But according to most of the people, it is a year of crypto maturity. The weak things were removed from the market and the projects that claimed some false promises were forced to public. Only some of the accomplishments having some valid business cases sustained for a long period.

One such project is the Intelligence Hero project that aims at the development of sustainable freelance workforce development. This arranged for a Blockchain technology-dependent platform that will facilitate the whole population in getting some good and educated working community that too online. All those professionals who are present in the community are perfectly verified, tested and individuals are accredited who can be trusted as well as hired for doing all the remote work in several industries. Apart from all this, the platform of this project is creating a group of highly educated, talented and some of the skilled people for sharing their ideas as well as skills. They can contribute to the projects and coordinate among themselves for fulfilling their business goals.

Lets us know more about this project.

  • The Intelligent HERO platform is one of the multifunctional platform that offers good opportunities for the workforce in a global basis, mostly who holds a capability of functioning in a digital, technological, content creation and the programming area.
  • This platform will help those persons who possess a lot of skills but do not have any educational qualifications in any of the specific area.
  • In this platform, there are a separate group of people who are responsible for arranging a well-scrutinized system for testing individuals who have high skills but no educational qualifications. Such people will get recognition after their skills are verified.
  • Intelligence HERO platform will surely enhance the confidence of all job posters all across the globe. With Blockchain technology, the platform can easily store all important information about all single individual, the jobs they have completed the client’s satisfaction level, the testing results and everything.
  • The method of testing will help Intelligence HERO to keep a record of all present workforce and closely supervise important competences as well the talents of every individual. Then the rating by the client, the speed of implementation and satisfaction level is also measured for knowing which candidate is perfectly fitting the job.
  • The whole platform has been build by keeping the customer in the mind and provides various initiatives and some of the reward programs for consistent employers and the highly-rated workers.

What are the important ecosystems of Intelligent HERO?

The whole platform has been developed with 4 important pillars in mind that will make sure a highly stable and effective flow of operations is there all through the platform. Similarly, in the testing platform, there are all updated tests and most appropriate testing algorithms that make sure that all workforce on this platform posses the required skills for implementing all needed tasks as well as posted jobs. The source of income of this program is purely based on some of the Smart Contract Implementation. The payment is made only after the end clients approve the task delivery.

Moreover, the decentralized apps will assist this platform inefficiently making an distribution of the contents, tasks, employer information.

The most vital as well as the strongest part of this system is the intelligent community. All the users after they go through required verification get access to several incentive programs along with all extra functionalities. Some of the important features like ranks, ongoing knowledge courses, passing test course and many other rewards will make Intelligent HERO platform one of the best place for getting the freelance workers for a various business that too at international level.

Thus we can stay that Intelligent Hero platform is several steps ahead and will make use of Blockchain technology to maximize its functionalities. A huge market is waiting for this platform. It will not only offer great opportunities to all job seekers but also the job posters for their needs and requirements. Proficiency and trust are two important things in today’s society and it is available in Intelligence HERO platform.

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Contact Person : Ruslan Saikivskyi
Company Name : Intelligent Community OÜ (14801258)
Contact Number : +372 610 41 93
Country : Estonia
Email : [email protected]
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