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WestWallet, a modern multi-currency crypto wallet with Telegram integration, instant transfers at a low transaction fee



West Wallet

Westwallet owned by EU based WestGroup Inc is a modern-day cryptocurrency wallet with support for an array of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, Stellar and many more. The move to support multiple currencies could really help the traders who invest in multiple crypto assets to diversify their investment.

West Wallet

The awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years have risen significantly as more number of people are looking at the digital space as a viable investment opportunity. With a rise in demand for cryptocurrencies, there is an equal need for safe storing of these digital assets amid growing cases of cybercrimes and Westwallet promises to provide the top security features to help users safely store all their cryptocurrencies in one place.

Although there are numerous crypto wallets available in the market, most of them are either aimed at just one particular token or a couple of similar tokens. Multicurrency cryptowallet Westwallet promises to provide swift transfers at minimal transaction fee and an API which can be easily integrated on a number of platforms including Telegram. A user can easily integrate the open-source API to their Telegram messenger and manage their crypto assets from theirs.

The WestWallet API can be easily integrated on any website to send and receive crypto payments directly from there. At present 734 websites have already integrated the API and making speedy crypto transactions.

WestWallet lets you manage your digital funds efficiently with multiple features

As the popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies have risen, so did the crimes surrounding it. So, keeping these digital assets safe has become one of the most daunting tasks. WestWallet provides top-grade security features along with 2-factor authentication before processing the transactions from the wallet. This helps the users to safeguard their digital assets even if someone gets access to their account details.

The crypto wallet comes with instant fund transfers from wallet to wallet, which means if both the transaction parties are using WestWallet then there is no need for a network confirmation before the amount is credited. The wallet also supports Bitcoin’s second layer scalable solution in the form of the SegWit Bech32 standard which makes Bitcoin transactions speedy. At present, the platform is processing over 30,000 transactions per day

The platform also promises a lot of cost savings on transaction fees as there are no charges for transactions between WestWallet users while even transactions to other wallets are significantly low. The wallet comes with an inbuilt P2P exchange as well which allows users on the platform to exchange cryptocurrencies with each other at a mutually beneficial exchange rate.

WestWallet Pro for more cost savings

The multi-currency support wallet also comes with a Pro version aimed at commercial and corporate users to help them benefit from fixed monthly fees. Most of these commercial users make several transactions per day which can amount to a significant amount in transaction fee, thus a fixed monthly fee can help in a lot of cost savings.

With the WestWallet Pro version, the traders are not liable to pay any service commission, as a result, they are not bound to a percentage of their turnover in return for payment. WestWallet promises to help crypto traders in managing a long portfolio of crypto assets from one place. There are plans of launching an Android and iOS version of the wallet in the near future which would make it more convenient to manage one’s crypto assets.

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