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Upcoming NFT Collections You Cannot Miss Out On



In the midst of a crypto winter, it seems the general public’s opinions on NFTs are divided. While some believe that NFTs will soon be worthless, many others are still firm believers of the NFT community – especially when it comes to NFT projects with strong utility, out of being an art piece to add to one’s collection. This has been seen in current projects such as the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club and even Gary Vee’s VeeFriends collection. In fact, anyone with their very own BAYC or VeeFriends NFT will definitely let you know they have one, whether in their profile pictures or otherwise. In fact, in a world that’s getting increasingly virtual, social networks even encourage NFT ownership and usage for users to express themselves and show off the clubs they belong to.

Apart from the current big names, here are three up and coming NFT projects that you’ll want to get in on early, to ensure you get them at the best price – whether it’s for investments’ sake or just for your own ownership!

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas has just released their second season of characters to be minted in July. This NFT collection was designed by Coffee Bros., a New York City-based roastery, that uses the NFT project to fund its physical café. Holders of top NFT tokens will enjoy discounts on merchandise, drinks with coffee partners and even a staking interest in the project’s future. The Crypto Barista mission goes beyond digital artwork, and aims to build a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate art, caffeine, entrepreneurship, and innovation within the coffee space. If you’re a caffeine lover, this one’s for you.

NFTv FTV Panda Collection

NFTv has teamed up with Fashion TV (yes, the network and club we’re all familiar with) for the FTV Panda NFT collection, that promises holders a variety of perks and rewards beyond owning their very own FTV Panda. The FTV Pandas are made up of 9,999 panda images of NFT collectibles, each unique in their own way with various levels of rarity and hence earning power. These will grant holders access to NFTv Metaverse where they can experience social, fashion, gaming and entertainment all in one rewarding space that they can earn from. Holders will also get exclusive access to events, luxury goods and services, NFTv clubs all over the world and more. The FTV Panda collection will launch in Q3 2022, so do follow them on their socials for first dibs!

Square Enix x Enjin Final Fantasy Collection

Last but not least, here’s another exciting collaboration. One of the most popular video game series, Final Fantasy, will launch their NFTs in 2023, tied to physical action figure and trading cards based on the RPG Final Fantasy VII to commemorate the original PlayStation game’s 25th anniversary. Square Enix will start off by releasing packs of physical trading cards in spring 2023 that will sell for $4 per six-card pack. These will each come with a code to redeem for a single NFT trading card minted by Enjin on its Efinity platform, which is built on Polkadot. In late 2023, the publisher will release a limited edition action figure of the game’s star, Cloud Strife. These will come with NFT options as well, and signals a clear move into the NFT space for even the traditional the gaming world. This will certainly be a hit with fans who have grown up playing the game.

That’s a quick introduction to the top three newest projects in the NFT scene bound to make a splash. Stay tuned and check out their socials for the latest updates to grab them at the best prices!

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