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UCACoin- A cryptocurrency with high stability.




Cryptocurrencies have become common everywhere in the world but still, there are some places where people do not have access to the traditional banking system as well as payments for all kinds of services required for everyday work. In such a scenario, all latest cryptocurrencies should meet requirements that will facilitate the unbanked population to get a very reliable and safe service for protecting all their assets as well as various holdings.

UCA or United Crypto Alliance is one of the beneficial cryptocurrency projects that focus on being a decentralized payment coin with easy access to anyone and a coin with high stability in the long run. The philosophy of the UCA has also been integrated into UCACoin design and its logo. The atom and stars present depicts how the UCA coin is a vital part of the small scale and large scale daily life without any sorts of limitations.

UCACoin is an authentic payment coin. After it is launched it was tradable instantly on 3 exchanges and the goal was to list the UCA coin on at least one important exchange. It has been listed in a payment gateway that is utilized by more than 2 million shops. More the number of alliance partner more the rate of awareness as well as acceptance of the UCACoin.

UCACoin- A novel global currency

One of the important selling points of UCA is its clean energy project. The team keeps an aim in financing the clean energy production from the revenue that is acquired by using UCA Coin. The team will fund collectively deployable systems that can easily power your homes and those industrial facilities.

UCA is also making plans for developing a connection to POS and ATM devices in close association with the external providers that are already established in the market. In simple term, UCA coin is a payment coin.

AS UCACoin is highly accepted as a mode of payment and the efforts of the alliance partners for joint marketing measures will help in generating more and more customers along with extra sales for all alliance partners. The coin is already listed in three exchanges with a daily volume of 100,000 US dollars.

For more definite market distribution of UCACoins, UCA has plans to devote an expert team that comprises specialist from various fields like trading, marketing, distribution etc. The aim is to create and execute good marketing strategies for distributing UCACoin for further dissemination and to have a good effect on its value. This applies both to the sales channels along with social media channels.

UCACoin- A hybrid consent for rendering long term passive income.

The UCACoin is based on a PIVX fork and thus contains every feature as well as associated benefits like Segwit protocol providing an exclusive enhance in the total number of transactions per second. Furthermore, it is also reinforced with the utilization of instant send and guaranteed zero confirmation deal.

UCACoin has already got listed on OrecoinGames, which is an online gaming club depending on Blockchain technology where all users get to play renowned slots like Deluxe, Igrosoft and others by using cryptocurrency.

The UCA team is also focusing on building its exchange and expanding its functionality as well as the masternode platform.UCA is currently listed on 4 major cryptocurrency exchanges with trading volume more than $100,000 that is Vindax, Finebox, Crex24 and Stex.

By now you must have understood how UCACoin provides some of the best features along with the broad area of application. For better establishment along with the achievement of more success, some roadmap has been made for coming months. But the implementation of such planning needs some precise planning along with thorough execution.

Have a look at some of the planned roadmap made for upcoming months for UCACoin:

  • Incorporation of UCACoin into ATMs so that it can be more available for everyday life and becomes easy to use. There are also plan to make it available through crypto ATMs which means people can make use of crypto ATMs for exchanging UCACoin into fiat currency and then vice versa.
  • UCACoin integration to POS devices so that it can be used as real payment coins. It makes sure that all users during checkout by using POSdevices can make easy payments by using UCACoins.
  • The backbone of UCACoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is Masternode Platform. But many people lack knowledge about master node and that becomes an obstacle for running it. This is the reason why the plan is being made for making United Crypto Alliance a masternode platform with an ultimate goal for helping you to get your own masternode in few clicks.
  • UCA exchange offers the way both in and out for cryptocurrencies. With United Crypto Alliance keeping an aim to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for everyone, thus they are in plan to develop an exchange that will not only support ER20ttokens but also an automatic exchange to fiat currency.

So, UCACoin is a peer to peer decentralized currency that will bring benefits for all people. It is true that we are in the beginning phase of crypto revolution but there is immense hope that Blockchain-based models of business will soon become very much successful both In the mass market. Digital currencies are nowadays becoming more popular because of freedom from the monetary policy of the central bank, more returns along with anonymity. UCACoin also keeps a great future ahead with more rate of acceptance and implementation.

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