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TRON focuses on the GameFi field and grandly launches Play-to-Earn game”WIN NFT HORSE”



Nowadays, GameFi is encapsulated in affection within crypto space ,which combines decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT with blockchain gaming. There is no doubt that Axie Infinity, a game based on Ethereum is now a leader in the GameFi.

Unlike traditional online games, GameFi introduces a mode we called it “play to earn”. Traditional online games use the “pay to win” model which letting players can earn an advantage by purchasing. 

“Play To Earn” provides players with financial incentives to make progress through the game. In some cases, this enables players to earn full-time income by doing so.

WIN NFT HORSE is coming at the end of this month

Due to this background, with the APENFT Foundation and Wink, Tron will soon launch Win NFT Horse, Tron’s first GameFi product, after six months of hard work and dedication from our technical team. 

Justin Sunthe founder of TRONwill not miss every hot spot in the blockchain field. Therefore, it is inevitable for TRON to enter GameFi and NFT. This can also make the TRON ecology more prosperous and diversified, so as to further strengthen TRON.

NFT is the new vehicle for the future game industry, and DeFi is the new economy in the future game system, providing trusted and intelligent tools for the game ecosystem.

In WIN NFT HORSE, each horse with different attributes is a rare NFT and has a variable economic value. Players can own horse NFTs through blind boxes and direct purchases.

Each horse has unique genetics, which determine its appearance and characteristics. The genetic data of each horse is securely stored at a specific address on the blockchain network and cannot be modified, copied or destroyed by any third party.

In order to meet the needs of different players, WIN NFT HORSE offers many different types of games, including: Challenge (PVE), Match (1v1 PVP), Competition (3v3 PVP), and Invitational.

The emergence of blind box sales also indicates that NFT development is entering a brand new phase – universal participation. Whether it’s a blind box drop or a blind box sale, players will have the opportunity to win a high-value horse.

WIN NFT HORSE combines the features of “blind box + NFT + game + mining” into one. The most noteworthy thing is that it is offered in the “blind box” mode – the horses are different.

According to another source, WIN NFT HORSE is scheduled to launch at the end of October 2021, when there will be out-of-print blind boxes for a limited time, community airdrops and other activities. Early participants will be able to enjoy more benefits, so stay tuned.The blind box is expected to sell for 1000 TRX. (About $100)

The economic value of different horses will vary greatly. The value of each horse is determined by its pedigree, combat power and other attributes together.

With the increase of the game’s popularity and the entry of a large number of players, the value of horses will also increase, and the value of a single horse in the future may be as high as thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. So, in comparison, the blind box is offered at a much lower price, and it is a wise move for all to grab a blind box, because the value of blind boxes has unlimited room to grow.

Everyone has a chance to win $50,00 in token rewards

WIN NFT HORSE is a GameFi product created by TRON, together with APENFT and WINK. Anyone can enjoy the game in different fun ways and earn the token rewards according to their contributions for ecosystem. Briefly speaking, players can breed, race, collect and purchase and sell their racehorses.

The point difference between WIN NFT HORSE and traditional games is that it rewards players for their contribution to the ecosystem through the “Play To Earn” mode. In order to give all players a better experience in the game,WIN NFT HORSE has designed three kinds of tokens in their ecosystem , which are TRX, NFT and WIN.

Novice players can only use TRX to purchase racehorses when entering the game. More importantly, players can get a certain amount of NFT and WIN tokens as rewards while enjoying the game.

How do I earn TRX tokens? All players who get a horse  blind box drop or participate in horse blind box sales are able to earn horse with different attributes. In addition, players can breed two horses of their own and the young horses can be fought and sold when they become adults.These horses have different values and can all be sold in the horse market to earn TRX tokens.

How do I earn NFT tokens? All players who own horses can earn NFT tokens as rewards by challenge play (PVE) and daily quests through map exploration. It is understood that each participating player can earn up to 4.5 million NFT tokens per day. This is a real way to realize play-to-earn mode. In addition, all players participating in the invitational play are required to pay a certain amount of NFT tokens as the registration fee, and the final winner will be able to get all the registration fees for a single game as the reward.

How do I earn WIN tokens? In WIN NFT HORSE, everyone has the opportunity to earn up to $5000 worth of WIN Tokens per month. Specifically, the competition play (3v3 PVP) are presented in a seasonal format and span four weeks. After four weeks of intense combat, WIN tokens will be distributed as individual rewards according to the official standings, with the first place winner receiving up to $5,000 worth of WIN tokens and the rest in decreasing order.

Great Vision

WIN NFT HORSE combines itself with “NFT + DeFi” through blockchain technology to build its own full ecological game kingdom through playable games.

All the data of WIN NFT HORSE is published in an open, trusted and decentralized way on the blockchain. Our goal is to build a truly decentralized GameFi game, which will be a huge market. Through horse , we hope to connect players from all over the world and create a world of economic prosperity together.

WIN NFT HORSE’s mission is to bring a TRON game that surpasses Axie Infinity in traditional gaming and blockchains, empowering players and giving them the opportunity to earn their own property.

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Company: TRON

Contact: Edison Jing

Email: [email protected]


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