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The Next Generation Digital Content Platform and Metaverse Convergence OPP



The world is focusing on Metaverse and NFT. And platform companies are rushing to introduce WEB3 governance and systems. This is the fastest change since the last Internet revolution.

Now, various digital content platforms are expected to introduce business models utilizing Web 3 governance in the future. As a next-generation digital content platform, OPP is expected to exert great influence by introducing both Metaverse and NFT as well as a Web 3-based governance system.

OPP designed the OPP platform to be activated by all users receiving fair rewards and both content creators and content consumers working organically on the platform.

The Web 3 platform is driving macro change around the world and has a significant impact on algorithms that have become the center of all online platforms on the coming days.

In the past, all digital content and algorithms were designed solely for companies operating the platform, but now they are designed for users and for the sustainability of the platform.

In the midst of this wave of change, OPP guarantees NFT not only digital content, but also content creators’ ownership and rights. This accelerates content creators’ exploitation activities, and more users form a larger platform.

OPP is currently partnering with various partners to secure new intellectual property rights. If you are interested in future OPP news, please refer to the URL below.

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