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The MetaPocket Sniperbot Will Change The Way The World Trades



There’s no denying that being the first to get launch tokens at their launch prices will lead you to getting the largest gains. However, it usually isn’t easy to do so, given that the quantity is usually quite limited and demand is likely to be much higher with everyone having the same mindset. Hence, it’s exciting to be able to find a product that can help with that!

Apart from being a revolutionary GameFi-optimized wallet, MetaPocket has also created a revolutionary Sniperbot that allows users to auto-scan and buy into any eligible new launch tokens from PancakeSwap (i.e. all BSC networks) at unbelievable speeds. This means that if you typically can’t catch new launches or end up buying into projects that don’t end up profiting for you, the Sniperbot can help.

After deep-diving into their offerings, here are the main points we’ve landed on why the MetaPocket Sniperbot is a must-have:

It’s highly customizable

While they do have a set of recommended settings that work well, experienced users can customize parameters such as only entering liquidity of certain size or setting when to take profit. This means that you get to trade as much as you’re comfortable with.

Low & competitive fees

While many such bots out there come with high fees that may even negate the elevated profits you get from the bot usage, the MetaPocket sniper bot offers lower fees than most.

Simple to use

As with the MetaPocket wallet, they’ve limited complexity as much as they can. Although most crypto programs are quite complex, there’s no installation of complex programs or programming skills needed, and everything is available in the user-friendly dAPP.

Pro trading tools

Users can set multiple functions such as Limit Order and stop losses where necessary, and can make use of pro trading tools all within the one app.

Always available

As it’s running on smart contracts, the Sniperbot is available 24/7, and users can set their parameters and protect their assets even when they’re not using their device. The MetaPocket Sniperbot can also be accessed from any device with their Metamask.

Given all of the above, it’s no surprise that the MetaPocket app is increasing in popularity – apart from its core functionalities of being a community aggregator and GameFi-optimized wallet, they’ve also upgraded themselves to make trading crypto more profitable for users.

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