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The Lucky Cat — A new beginning



It’s a custom to grab a small piece of wood and carve out a number on it. A number, indicating your luck. Be it health, friendship, love, a new car, or a house. For almost every person in the house, there is one wooden piece hidden in a large bread loaf. But not for everyone, in fact, they are one less than the people that will grab a piece.

The last one gets a coin. And that coin indicates financial success throughout the year. Well, you see, last year, the gorgeous beast below got that coin as one last piece remained.

Maci guarding the entrance with her distinct look of superiority.

And this is where our lucky cat name comes from and the coin itself. Honestly, it might be luck that both crypto and our custom have coins in common, and we don’t mind it!

The team behind The Lucky Cat

All three of us — Nikolay, Yanka, and Alex (who is typing this paragraph) were working together in the past. But as things go, we separated earlier this year, each looking for our own personal career path.

A great team, however, can’t stay separated for long! One evening Niki wrote to me and Yanka out of nowhere: “NFTs are amazing”. A couple of hours went past quickly. Both me and Yanka were hooked! As NFTs are what both of us love — art and crafting our own pieces.

A more traditional style of painting from Alex

You see, me and Yanka both have different art styles and interests, but we can’t deny our love for good pixel art. And what’s more, we can’t deny our love for Maci, the lucky cat that in a way started it all.

It was Yanka’s initial idea to portray a cat in pixel art, which naturally resulted in our first NFT set — the Maneki Neko. She quickly sat at the desk and started pouring precious pixels on a canvas.

The white Maneki Neko card was the first one to be designed and it’s the one closely resembling our Maci : )

“It’s about sending a message”

You see, we know there are so many NFT cards around and so many great artists producing spectacular work that we too admire greatly. And we do take inspiration from them.

But we can’t say that we really enjoy the automated or generated ones. Indeed, they are a showcase of great programming and art skills to their creators but lack the hand touch of a person placing pixels on the screen for each card. This is what we did here — we literally clicked all these little pixels to make them into our NFT cards.

Yanka’s evening spend on animating the cat chasing the coins

We believe that art can be in any shape or form and it’s not up to us to say who can do what and to define it or even worse — constrain it. And so we have our own understanding and goals, which are to provide the best experience across all our work.

We worked carefully for our website, which of course, will continue to get a lot of love and work from us to make it even better.

We write a message for each card after it’s purchased, which is sent to the new owner of the card. We want people to be part of an awesome community where everything is “just right” — a nice set of merchandise, personalized messages, unique rewards, and even in the near future fun games!

The Maneki Neko set is all about bringing luck to you! And in the same way, the sets we have planned and are already working on will have a similar meaning to them. We don’t want to just output graphics on a regular basis and try to sell them by the millions.

A glimpse in the future of The Lucky Cat

We have so many great ideas in the making already and we can’t wait to share them all with you. But as everything is good, it will take some time to get there, so please stay with us!

Of course, when one is hyped about something, they can’t stop talking about it, and we are guilty of that too, so we will share with you a few of our plans!

The Lucky Cat merchandise

We have experience in designing and printing lots of T-shirts, jackets, hats, badges, pins, and lots of others in the past. And we can’t wait to put The Lucky Cat logo on them together with our artwork. For our most devoted members, we have planned a fancy box with everything together and a personalized message from the team.

A cardholder so you can admire them in real life

It’s great to read a book on your e-reader, it’s easy, it’s ergonomic, but you can’t deny the feeling of going through real physical pages. And the smell of a fresh print. Ahh… Why should we limit ourselves only to digital? We plan to print our cards and share them with you after reaching a certain milestone. And what’s more — a cardholder to keep them all together and admire your collections.

A digital card collection page

Collecting is thrilling. Quite often, just owning however isn’t all, we want to showcase what we have, right? We plan to build and give every buyer of our NFT cards a personal page on our website that will highlight each card you own out of all the cards we’ve released.

A game to play against others

We have in mind a multiplayer game where you can use the cards you own to stand out from the rest. You can get a sense of the art style of it while browsing our website. It is still in the early stages of planning, so please stay tuned for updates in the future!

We care about your thoughts!

It’s true that two think better than one, therefore three must think better than two. And with that, we can deduct that thousands can make miracles! We want to hear what you think, what are your thoughts, and if you have any ideas or questions. Please join our Discord server and feel free to ask us anything!

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