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The Crypto Platform Of The Future Is Here



Risingbird is arguably the best and one of the only few platforms creating real life utilities within the blockchain arena. Rising Bird is creating a platform where Ecommerce, Logistics, Metaverse and Staking are all twinned into a comprehensive amazing blockchain based product.

Amazingly one of the product which will be extensively detailed here is the Rising Hub platform

Risign Hub & Products :

Rising Hub is coming with a new e-commerce platform with more than 2 million physical products including Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Home, Pet, Appliances, and even Christmas decorations and all other kinds of products.
Rising Hub Ecommerce Platform will launch according to roadmap with more than 20,000 products. This launch will be an important milestone of the project with the ambition to build a true bridge of e-commerce with smart shopping solutions by smart contracts.

Rising Hub is will announce an official partnership with crypto payment platforms and also integrate Rising Pay payment system for the upcoming global marketplace, which is the revolutionary phase in business development.
Rising Pay allows you to pay and get paid in crypto from your friends and family worldwide with more than 40 cryptocurrencies supported. Rising Pay also allows merchant-based transactions, letting users and merchants choose their preferred payment options.
Rising Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Rising.

Payment Method :

Rising Hub marketplace will be prominent as the defi and e-commerce platform accepting a hundred tokens to carry out the latest and updated payment solution on Ethereum blockchain and willing to integrate with other blockchains to broaden the defi shopping network in near future.

Rising Hub will be a pioneer in serving its customers relishing a Web 3.0 shopping experience. Connecting to the wallet address will help buyers enjoy extra benefits of smarter shopping features such as shopping mining, staking points, or receiving rewards and new tokens airdrops from merchants.

This new e-commerce platform gives users/customers a new and exciting shopping experience.

Rising Swap:

Rising Metaverse:

Rising Taxi:


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