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STAN WORLD : Finally, A Cryptocurrency that makes sense!




Stan World is a community-driven social virtual reality platform powered by AI and blockchain. It is a virtual world where users of common interests are encouraged to express ideas and share creations. Stan World’s social VR ecosystem enables people to enter a fully immersive world where fans of artists will be able to enjoy concerts in VR for a unique interactive experience along with their friends and the community. Check out Stan World’s Prototype on their homepage.


Stan World’s proprietary AI-Powered Creation Tool will allow anyone to create and monetize an unlimited array of products or concepts. STAN Coins, the key utility cryptocurrency of Stan World, provides the lion’s share of incentives for creators who provide content including items, experiences, games while users can also earn rewards for various participation such as testing, reviewing, or promoting the content. Using blockchain smart contracts, STAN coins will ensure that Stan World participants will be compensated automatically, safely, and instantly.

Stan World to launch IEO with ProBit Exchange

Stan World is launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through ProBit, a top 30 global cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap famous for its order-matching speeds of over 1.5 million orders per second, intuitive user interface, and highly customizable dashboard. All participants of Stan World’s token sale are required to complete KYC verification. Participants may use ProBit Global to apply and Korean citizens may apply through ProBit Korea. Participants will receive a bonus of 15% for a limited time. Sales are limited so make sure to participate to become one of the first citizens of Stan World!

Stan Coin IEO Schedule on ProBit Exchange.

Round 1 : 09/25/2019 UTC 06:00–09/27/2019 UTC 06:00

Round 2 : 10/02/2019 UTC 06:00– 10/04/2019 UTC 06:00

Round 3 : 10/09/2019 UTC 06:00 –10/11/2019 UTC 06:00

Round 4 : 10/16/2019 UTC 06:00–10/18/2019 UTC 06:00

Round 5 : 10/23/2019 UTC 06:00–10/25/2019 UTC 06:00



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