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Squid Power Inu $SPI



Squid power INU is a meme token on BSC chain fully guided by its community.

Born on 22th June 2022, SPI is result of an international collaboration between their developers and their newly community. In a moment in which all meme token are dominated by personal profits and born to die projects, Stefano and Jorge are trying something different. Talking to them is clear that they have a long term vision for create always more a healthy and safe place to holders. For now SPI is still a low market cap project with a beautiful NFT collection that Jorge ( one of two developer ) has completely drawn on his own. You can find it on this link: .

Togheter with nft they have already released nft staking for let all holders enjoy beautiful rewards while they continue developing project. In this period they are building an entire network based on every social network for spread voice about SPI and let more people join project, buy nft and soft chill with staking !

Meme token are always a sort of betting and no one knows their directions but if it’s true what these guys are speaking about probably SPI will leave a nice mark in BSC chain.

You can find their website here ( I know that is not final version, they will improve it at a higher market cap ) and inside it all useful contacts:

Squid Power INU is preparing his seats before to explode with an organic marketing and a strong presence in every platform here over WEB. We can be sure of only one thing: these two developers will not give up until Mars is reached.

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