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Scammers Impersonate Binance To Steal Users’ Funds After Its Second Anniversary



After an increase in the interest for Bitcoin (BTC) and digital assets in the market, a larger number of scammers is now trying to steal users’ funds. One of the scammers impersonated Binance promising high returns to investors that send funds to a specific address. This comes at a moment in which Binance is celebrating its second anniversary in the space.

Scammers Impersonate Crypto Users and Companies

2017 remains the year of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) boom. At that time, there were many scammers trying to steal funds from investors in the market. One of the techniques they use was to impersonate important crypto-related figures on Twitter and start asking for deposits of BTC and ETH promising to give back two or three times more the amount deposited.

One of the companies that were impersonated this time is Binance. Indeed, there are Twitter users sharing links with different non-official sites with Binance name on them. The intention is to capture users and steal their funds before they even know they sent their funds to a stranger’s address.

Binance is currently celebrating its second anniversary and this is clearly not something that the market wants to mix with a scam. Twitter users are promoting tweets with the aforementioned links and promising users to earn money. They have also make photoshop of several pictures in which they show how other figures such as Anthony Pompliano support the initiative. Nevertheless, these things are not real and were created to gather users’ funds.

The best way to be sure that there is no scammer behind a promotion is to always double-check with the exchange or direct source to understand whether a special offer or giveaway si real or just a scam.

For example, Binance is celebrating its second anniversary with a giveaway of €100,000 to those that bring new users to the Binance Jersey crypto exchange.

The official press release says:

“To celebrate Binance’s 2nd anniversary, invite your friends to register and complete KYC on You can both earn 10 EUR! Invite multiple friends and each user can earn up to 100 EUR. The total rewards for this promotion are limited to 100,000 EUR and will be distributed on a first come first served basis. So act quickly!”

Currently, Binance Coin (BNB), the currency of the exchange, is being traded around $29.67 after a price drop of 4.12%.

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