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Scammers are Using David Campbell and Sonia Kruger to Promote A Bitcoin Scam



Bitcoin’s increasing popularity is constantly gaining the attention of scammers, and this time they came up with another celebrity-endorsed scam named “Bitcoin Evolution”. This fraudulent investment platform uses David Campbell and Sonia Kruger to promote the get-rich-quick scheme through a popular Australian TV show named “Today Extra”, and this type of promotional fraud is increasing on a daily basis.

When viewers read or hear that some celebrity was able to use an online trading app which doubled their initial $250 investment after a few hours simply by trading in the financial markets, it may seem very believable to certain people. But this is exactly the point behind Bitcoin Evolution. It’s nothing but a fraud investment platform which is actually a part of an illegal network of cloned websites. This time con artists used a popular Australian TV show named “Today Extra”, where talk show hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger are displayed prominently.

In the talk show David and Sonia interviewed a single dad named Nathaniel Williams who claimed that he earns $3,600 everyday by trading through a system names Bitcoin Evolution. As the interview progresses, Nathaniel “convinces” Sonia Kruger to deposit $250. To demonstrate how the app is profitable, Sonia gained $233.18 within 3 minutes on that live show. Very convincing right? This is the rationale behind the scam and innocent victims are being baited constantly. Let’s dig into the deeper and try to see why this is happening.

Celebrities Are Used To Make The Story More Believable
Today Extra is a popular Australian TV show co-hosted by David Campbell and Sonia Kruger presented a talk show with Nathaniel Williams. It was pure sensationalism when Nathaniel promoted the Bitcoin Evolution in front of the live camera and generated profits. Sonia was obviously receptive to Nathaniel’s story and invested money. When she saw a profit of $398.42 after 8 minutes of investing, the whole production team was inspired and proceeded to invest as well. This type of misleading advertising is the trademark of get-rich-quick schemes and indicative of how they operate.

The Scam Behind the Scene

Due to the highly publicized nature of Bitcoin, it’s considered the “go-to” medium for scammers to who are looking to bait victims, and Bitcoin Evolution fits the bill perfectly. After signing up, investor are asked to deposit a minimum sum of $250. The money goes to unlicensed offshore brokers who are not subject to any form of regulation. The promoters who refer clients receive commissions as well.

Other Celebrities and High-Profile Public Figures Are Also Used!

The use of popular faces can easily build trust among general people and investors. The well-known Australian media personality Sonia Kruger and David Campbell are not alone. Other celebs which have been used include the likes of Bear Grylls, Jeremy Wells, Jeff Bezos, Jonathan Ross, Conor McGregor, Frank Lowy, Fatima Lopes, Bill Gates, Jeremy Clarkson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Andy Lau, Li Ka-Shing, and also politicians such as Cyril Ramaphosa, Gavin Duffy or Jacinda Ardern.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed!

There is no such thing as easy money! So, before investing, make sure to do your research and consult with people that are close to you. Scammers are always looking for new ways to gain the credibility of potential investors. So, be cautious and keep your money safe.

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