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QuiverX: Black Label




Opportunities to become a venture capitalist have been extremely limited until recent times.

At present, Tokenization allows for fractional ownership. This means that you are now able to contribute to investment opportunities previously only reserved for accredited investors, hedge funds, and investment firms — as an individual and without the need to hire expensive brokers.

QuiverX is proud to introduce Black Label Tokenized Equity Offerings (TEO).

Black Label offers investors the opportunity to foster the growth of companies they believe in from the very beginning. Investors can join together with others to raise the necessary capital in a decentralized manner, instead of relying on traditional methods of finance.

Black Label is an exclusive business consultation platform and incubation program within the QuiverX ecosystem, designed to assist start-ups in marketing, licensure, and all other aspects of business creation and development.

Black Label will also conduct security, utility, and governance token offerings for businesses who are interested in creating them.

Our flexible development packages will allow for a combination of services to reflect the unique needs of each business.

What makes the Black Label program unique is its proprietary insertion of metadata directly into the smart contracts. This metadata will be comprised of our legal team and professional security and financial auditors, guaranteeing the ownership and value to anyone in possession of the tokens.

At QuiverX, we are positioning ourselves to legally be able to make these offerings. We are currently pending SEC compliance to become a registered financial portal that backs your investments in legitimate businesses vetted and registered by our team.

In terms of tokenized equity raises, we are one of the first cryptocurrency companies to make this distinction. This is a milestone. Without taking these steps, most investors end up with tokens that only maintain their value through liquidity. Liquidity is important in regards to currency and commodities, but our project allows for these liquid currencies to purchase ownership — and not simply a portion of the business revenue.

A very clear example of this would be Ripple and XRP. While you may own shares of XRP, you have no stock or equity in Ripple as a company. This is true for most of the tokens currently on the market.

Even in when it comes to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ( DAOs ), you may have voting rights — but there still isn’t any binding ownership.

Black Label aims to make a clear distinction in terms of what’s being offered by relying on facts and the rule of law over hyper inflated I.O.U’s.


How Do I Participate in Black Label?

Holders of QRX and XRN tokens in a QuiverX Digital Wallet will receive their respective token allocation to participate in Black Label. They will be able to take part in early stage investing for businesses being hosted by Black Label.

Tier levels are as follows:

-100.000 QRX allows for an investment of up to $500 USDT

-250.000 QRX allows →$1000 USDT

-500.000 QRX allows → $2000 USDT

-1.000.000 QRX allows → $5000 USDT

-10 XRN allows an extra $100 USDT investment

-25 XRN → $250 USDT

-50 XRN → $500 USDT

-100 XRN → $1000 USDT

About QuiverX

QuiverX Capital, Ltd. is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that allows enterprises to raise capital via digital assets. It promotes dynamic growth through fractional ownership and transparent booking, lowering the barrier of entry to Pre-IPO opportunities and bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

To learn more, visit, and follow @QuiverX5 on Twitter.

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