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Pre-Retogeum TOKEN for Eco-friendly Energy Production Technology



Pre-Retogeum is a platform that enables the distribution/transaction/consumption of electric energy and facilitates P2P-based electricity trading by allowing anyone to participate. To that aim, Retogeum is designed to generate objective and apparent value for intangible power energy by leveraging blockchain technology.

The Pre-Retogeum held in the web-based e-wallet is given in proportion to the amount of power produced by its power plant and is used for energy exchanges in the Pre-Retogeum stage, allowing the globe to freely produce excess power and self-produced power inside one energy stage.

The Pre-Retogeum generator combines the main engine and generator without a centre and brush in a single design with the world’s most remembered unique patent, which is advanced for the urban power age due to its low commotion. Outside energy is required to pivot or work the generator in a current power plant, however the Pre-Retogeum generator requires beginning power rather than outside information energy for activity with self-created energy as well as the creation of surplus power, and because the generator is designed as a plate structure, halfway fixes are conceivable in any event, during activity with a server-type through stacking structure. In any case, because it is a plate structure, incomplete corrections are possible during activity with a server-type stacking structure.

Pre-Retogeum TOKEN

  • It produces no intensity and creates any opposition, for example, counter electro-rationale force, with unique construction.
  • It empowers power age in any event, during the fractional fix, with a server-type structure.
  • It is an eco-friendly generator that can generate power without utilizing petroleum items, and it is possible to obtain carbon credit -> Ex) the Power age of the generator 50kw/h is doable with the force of the underlying engine 10kw/h!!
  • Eco-friendly self-generator bureau type (1KW/H, 5KW/H, 100KW/H, or more accessible)
  • AC power generation 10KW/H power age, Hz-300Hz or higher (requires sine wave translation) Efficiency of Generation: High-efficiency power age with super-durable magnets (more than 80 percent ) Generation Method: Atmospheric and appealing recruiting approach utilizing inertial power – >In this manner, life expectancy is increased and no electromagnetic wave is produced.

Market shift

The energy market is 

  1. Increasing private participation in production in the production system under the sole control of the government and government-approved enterprises.
  2. In response to environmental concerns, each country’s policies and industries are shifting toward the development and use of alternative energy.
  3. There have been numerous attempts to convert fossil fuel-based constructions to electric energy.

Token Distribution

Ecosystem 30% 

It is used for trading points owned by PRTG clients or as a token payment toward the PRTG ecosystem’s expansion.

Team 20% 

Used for salaries and incentives for founders, partners, and advisers, among others.

User Rewards 10% 

As part of the compensation mechanism, users are rewarded with PRTG tokens.

10% Payment Pooling

PRTG consumers utilize it to purchase tokens straight from Platforms, etc.

10% marketing 

Used for airdrops, events, and app promotions.

Sales 10% 

PRTG tokens are sold through public and private sales, and the earnings are used to fund the PRTG ecosystem’s operations, including technological development, marketing, labor costs, and shop expansion.

It reserves 10% for emergencies and extreme cases such as hacking.

Platform for Pre-Retogeum

Pre-Retogeum is all about unleashing creative and innovative abilities under one banner.

VPP Pre-Retogeum

The excess power generated by the Pre-Retogeum generator is stored in the energy storage framework (ESS), and the energy capacity frameworks of individuals and organizations are coordinated and managed by the Pre-Retogeum VPP.

Generator of Pre-Retogeum

The Pre-Retogeum generator uses outside power just during the initial startup and creates overflow power, as well as functions with energy generated by self-driving power without the need for outside input energy.


The electricity generated by the Pre-Retogeum generator is stored in an ESS built of cutting-edge graphene material and is linked to the Pre-Retogeum VPP and the Internet for coordinated management.

Market for Energy

A framework enables companies, governments, and individuals to carry out the force of ESS, which is organized and overseen by Pre-Retogeum VPP.


The Pre-Retogeum APP, which can be put on a smartphone, allows you to see how much power you’ve created and how much Pre-Retogeum you have

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