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PoolParty Brings a new Era of Staking to Defi



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Decentralized Finance aka Defi is one of the biggest success stories to emerge out of the crypto world over the past couple of years. The use case has become a rage and many see great potential in it that can be utilized in the banking sector. Defi aims to fulfil the true motive of cryptocurrencies bank the unbanked, offering banking facilities to the needy without the need for a bank. One of the main reasons for Defi’s popularity has been passive income via staking rewards, yield farming and liquidity rewards.

With time most of the projects reward options have dried up and those which promise lucrative staking returns often get rugged or scammed. This is where Pool Party comes into picture, a new BSC based Defi project aiming to bring a new era of staking rewards in the Defi world. Pool Party carves a different path from any other token on the BSC, be it Safemoon, or HODL that only rewards its holders based on transaction volume. The Pool Party ecosystem takes a portion of each transaction & puts it into pooled investments.

Investment pools are then used to pay loyalty dividends (in BNB) to its holders based on the amount of tokens they have staked and the duration of their stake, which results in rewarding the loyal holders the most. With these pooled investments being the main value driver of Pool Party, the loyalty staking dividends will continue to grow virtually forever, regardless of the trading volume. Join the Pool Party Investment Group now and make your passive income dreams become a reality. 

Loyalty Staking Program and Why It Would Change Defi Staking

The loyalty staking program is one of the center attractions of Party Pool as this staking iteration could potentially revolutionize reward system in defi in future. Loyalty Staking Bag is a non-fungible token that represents the holder’s share in the Investment Pools. Loyalty Staking Bag is created by staking the PP token. The amount that is put into the bag can not be increased afterward. After knotting the bag, a new NFT owning the PP token is created and its age is set to 0. Every day, the age of the Loyalty Staking Bag increases, which makes it more valuable. 

The value of the bag is based on its age and the amount of PP staked in the bag. The bag value is used to represent the holder’s share in the Investment Pools. Every Friday, the loyalty staking dividends are distributed from Investment Pools into Loyalty Staking Bags. Dividends are paid in the BNB. After the dividends are distributed, the bag owner can either claim the dividend or exchange the dividend in the bag for PP, which is the only way of increasing the staked amount of PP in the aged bag. 

The majority of reward-style tokens utilize a reflection model and over time they become unsustainable due to decreased volume and holder saturation. Pool Party pledges to address this with their series of investment pools and loyalty dividends, something new and exciting, not yet seen in the BSC space in this exact iteration.

Investment Pools are a sustainable reward system that provides ever-increasing rewards to loyal holders, performs buyback & burn of PP token and adds additional liquidity to PP token on PancakeSwap weekly. Assets of which Investment Pools consist are stakeable tokens and LP tokens, that are put into farms and pools to generate rewards. This way, the rewards are independent of the trading volume. Also, the amount of the Investment Pools’ assets only increases. This creates a sustainable rewards system that will reward holders forever. 

Pool Party Stands Out From the Rest in the Defi World

Pool Party aims to bring a unique loyalty staking ecosystem to its investors with innovative features such as time-based staking that rewards loyalty along with a sustainable reward pool that continues to grow regardless of trading volume. Pool Party would make way for fully automated eco-system handling dividends, buybacks, burns, and liquidity Some of the key features that make Pool Party a go-to option for traders and stakers include,

  • 10%/15%: Investment Pools: 10% of every buy and 15% of every sell is added to investment pools. The incremental earnings from these pools are then used to pay dividends to those participating in the Pool Party Loyalty Staking Program.
  • 5%: Liquidity pool: 5% of every transaction is transformed into additional liquidity for PP token on Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps to create a price floor (stability).
  • Longevity: Pool Party Investment Pools are fully automated and will continue to grow each week by auto-compounding a portion of its earnings right back into the pools. Because of this the project will continue to grow no matter what.

What makes Party Pool’s Staking system reliable and rewarding is its 5% sell fee and anti-whale measures where any transaction selling more than 0.1% of the total supply will be rejected.  Additionally, an extra 5% fee is applied to all selling transactions & distributed into Pool Party Investment Pools.

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