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Phaeton Announces IEO Launch on LAToken & P2PB2B




Phaeton platform announced the launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the LAToken platform. Phaeton is a coming-of-age decentralized blockchain network that allows developers to leverage Sidechains and Smart Contracts to build scalable blockchains. The Phaeton platform has an ecosystem offering users access to a decentralized global market. Its side chains allow independent dApps, facilitating customization, scalability, and a departure from high network fees providing multiple benefits for the users. The protocol has been designed to make it convenient, secure, and seamless for all stakeholders. Let us dive into the Phaeton Identity creation, validation, and other aspects of the Phaeton protocol.

The PHAE Coin is the native coin to Phaeton Blockchain and is used for transaction fees, delegates, and rewards in the ecosystem. The PHAE Coin is available on exchanges.The first round IEO supply is capped at 10 Million where 1 PHAE = 1 $ and active pairs include, BTC/ETH/USDT. In the second and third round of IEO, the price will be $5 & $10 respectively.

To date, Phaeton has raised approximately $1 million to advance these projects and has been approved for listing PHAE Coins on international exchanges, namely P2P2B2B2 and LA Token. This will significantly increase Phaeton’s value from AUD $25 million to AUD $275 Million. Since adopting its new business model, significant progress has been made. This growth has seen Phaeton gaining significant public interest.

Recently, Phaeton has been approached by three stockbroking organizations to list on the Stock Exchange which includes the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Phaeton is pursuing the latter.

What Makes Phaeton Different From Other Blockchain?

Phaeton is offering a key scalable solution in the ever-popular Defi market allowing the different platforms to utilize Phaeton to build their own Dapp. While several other platforms offer Dapp hosting, what differentiates Phaeton from others is the scalable solutions that it offers at minimal cost and the business model differs it from the rest. Some of the key features that separate its from others include:

  • Environment Friendly: Phaeton Blockchain has a decentralized ledger system with a 250kb block size (potential of one million transactions) and five-second creation time. Furthermore, Phaeton Blockchain is based upon the Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) plus Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DPoS+dBFT) consensus algorithm, improving energy efficiency and cost. Phaeton remains an independent blockchain that focuses on providing a platform for enterprises to use, whether for monetary transactions, data, or smart contracts. The ability for individuals to host a node is critical to increasing the speed, scalability, and security of the Blockchain.
  • Social Impact: All projects undertaken by Phaeton must have a social impact. Therefore, Phaeton’s has created an Incubator Platform for Social Impact enterprises. In addition, Phaeton, under the motto of “Action Yields Results”, has initiated several projects. We are working on affordable housing, renewable energy, carbon credits, health and wellness, education, social infrastructure, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Technology Diversification: Phaeton is not just limited to blockchain and combines the best of FinTech, ConTect, and AgriTect, using blockchain to improve upon the existing ones. for example, with Fintech, Phaeton is creating Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange and Phaeton Real Estate TNFT Marketplace as Defi and Crowdfunding models. In aiming to build sustainable communities, Phaeton is focused on Renewable Energy and is currently working on Micro-Grid Solar Farms (1 MW) for regional towns and undertaking the research and development of a Micro Hydrogen Energy Plant. These products are to be incorporated with its tangible projects.

Being built using JavaScript and TypeScript, Phaeton Blockchain accommodates the easy development of any type of decentralized application. In addition to this, the availability of a native token facilitates any digital payments, making it a complete digital ecosystem. The platform already hosts numerous Dapps from various fields.

Why Invest in Phaeton?

The current regulatory environment in the US and around the world seems to be targeting Defi protocols next to bring them under regulatory guidelines. Many believe the SEC crackdown on the Defi market would be quite similar to the ICO era which will eradicate many existing protocols out of existence while only a selected few with interoperability and liquidity will survive for the next leg of the Defi market. And Phaeton possesses everything that is needed to make it to the next level. An investment into the token not only promises return during the current market, but it can translate into mammoth by the next phase.

Phaeton’s business model is not the same as its competitors. Instead of waiting for new enterprises to use the Phaeton Blockchain, Phaeton’s has created an Incubator Platform for Social Impact enterprises. In addition, Phaeton under the motto of “Action Yields Results” has initiated several of its own projects.

The platform also has a Real-Estate NFT marketplace that combines the NFT frenzy with a new use case of real-world properties. Phaeton combines the best of NFT with the real world to offer more value to the buyers. All these factors combined makes Phaeton a prominent investment choice today.

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