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Oxita Ecosystem: One Place For All DeFi Needs




Amid the covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed the rise of the world of cryptocurrency. The hype surrounding NFTs is at its peak. Tech giants worldwide are working towards building their metaverse. People have warmed up to the concept of digital currencies and assets, and there is still a lot of potential for growth and evolution in cryptocurrency. With every innovation, we will find both good and bad press regarding the concepts, but the excellent media far surpasses the bad in cryptocurrency. Today’s crypto market is living proof that cryptocurrency is the future currency. We are only at the starting phase of this world-changing innovation, and there are many new developments we are yet to witness.

The Oxita Ecosystem

The entry barrier in cryptocurrency is relatively low but it can be very confusing for new or unfamiliar people with the crypto world. There are several websites, wallets, and exchanges available. To solve this problem, Oxita has developed a user-friendly ecosystem that will provide us with everything required in a single place. Oxita ecosystem is one of the most innovative projects in the Crypto market that offers all the digital finance platforms we need under one umbrella. Oxita has developed its crypto wallet, exchange platform, NFT Marketplace, launchpad, and lab.

Oxita has made impressive promises like making the lives of the investors easier by providing transactions that are entirely secure and with minimal transaction cost. Oxita is even planning to make shopping and purchases more accessible with oxita tokens for all significant physical stores globally. Real-world use cases will help Oxita grow rapidly and steadily with so much security and reliability. 

Offerings From Oxita

On its platform, Oxita is offering many different services in one place. Oxita token holders would be able to utilize the following services:

  • NFT Marketplace (MeliNFT): A secure NFT trading platform for buying and selling NFTs with complete security.
  • Oxita Wallet (MaliWallet): A digital currency wallet for depositing, withdrawing, and swapping digital assets.
  • Oxita Exchange (MeliSwap): An exchange for borrowing, lending, and mortgaging digital assets. 

Apart from this, Oxita is planning to provide a launchpad for future projects and a lab for developing these projects. 

Oxita Metaverse

There is a booming industry of virtual real estate, with digital plots selling for over $2 million. Our generation is more inclined towards the virtual world and owning virtual assets. We can predict that people will be more hooked if they can do outdoor events and everyday activities in the metaverse. Oxita is taking on this opportunity to tap into the vast virtual market.

Oxita is planning to create its metaverse, a virtual reality space where oxita token holders would be able to interact with the computer-generated environment and other users. With significant companies getting into the metaverse, digital marketing is the future. Oxita will let users experience that by providing tokens as game incentives. Oxita is planning to create a virtual society in a digital environment similar to the real world. Users will be able to attend virtual events, play games, trade NFTs and meet other world people. 

Underlying Technology

Oxita implemented its token with TRON blockchain, among the top five blockchains with more than 52 million active accounts. TRON blockchain works on P2P technology that allows users to trade their works directly without any outside involvement. 

The Oxita token will be the native token of the entire Oxita ecosystem. Oxita token holders will utilize the best financial services through digital assets. Currently, you can buy Oxita tokens in two forms, Liquid Oxita and Frozen Oxita. The Liquid Oxita can be traded as soon as you buy it and the Frozen Oxita has a time constraint for reselling. You can purchase the tokens through the TronLink Pro wallet. If you want to trade the Oxita tokens immediately, you can buy the Liquid Oxita. If you want to invest long-term, you can get Oxita tokens at a subsidized rate as Frozen Oxita that would be released after eight months. Those who support early on would reap the most benefits.

Oxita Roadmap:

  • April 2022: Launch of Oxita smart wallet.
  • June 2022: Launch of Oxita Crypto Payment Gateway.
  • August 2022: Launch of Oxita POS & Beta version of Oxita Verse
  • October 2022: Launch of the Oxita game.
  • December 2022: Launch of Oxita coin.

Oxita successfully brings everything necessary in the Crypto world in a single platform. One of the company’s missions includes eliminating frauds and scams that are so prevalent in cryptocurrency. To achieve this milestone, the services of the Oxita ecosystem will have the highest level of security and transparency. About 1.5 million Oxita tokens are divided into three equal parts for the presale stages. The total number of oxita tokens to be created in the next ten years is 5.6 million. Oxita is building a modern digital system with the old existing systems added with new features. It is time for Oxita to outperform existing cryptocurrencies with the help of contemporary technology and innovation.

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