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OPP project is drawing attention with ownership of digital content



Digital ownership is a concept that collectively refers to industrial property rights such as inventions, trademarks, and designs, as well as copyrights for culture, music, and works of art, and is currently being used in various industries.

Recently there are increasing the popularity of NFTs. Also, the concept of ownership of digital assets is drawing attention. NFT promotes the activation of digital asset transactions by providing difficulties in forgery, ease of tracking, and ease of transaction.

OPP, the next-generation digital content platform, is designed to protect these intellectual property rights and create more diverse added values through them.

In the field of digital art, nft is the most actively used, and the ownership of art has been ambiguous since before. Debates over ownership and profit realization of valuable digital art works created by creators are also heating up.

OPP is first used to protect the rights and interests of content creators and intellectual property rights, and intends to distribute new added value through derived NFT.

OPP project wants to move toward a platform that can auction, sell, and broker intellectual property rights in the long run.

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