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Opera’s Crypto Wallet for Android now Supports Bitcoin and Tron



The Opera web browser has announced more good news for the cryptoverse as their crypto wallet has enabled support for Bitcoin and Tron blockchains. However, not for everyone yet.

To be more precise, the new features have been introduced into Crypto Wallet in the beta version of the Opera browser for Android (version 53 beta), which now enables its users to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX and TRC10 tokens), while also allowing webpages to make transactions using BTC. “This is a further step towards making Web 3 more mainstream”, the company said. Web 3.0 focuses on decentralized, peer-to-peer technologies.

The added features are described as follows:

Bitcoin: “Opera is bringing Bitcoin to Web 3, allowing you to use this cryptocurrency for transactions on the Web.” The first blockchain, which created and is leading the world’s interest in crypto, and the value of which is soaring today, has most commonly been used for “speculation and storage of value but rarely for actual payments.” The beta version of the Opera Android browser allows its users to make transactions in BTC and access their transaction history.
Webpages making transactions: Opera has included “an experimental integration of Web 3,” thanks to which websites can request and receive addresses and users can make transactions with BTC.
Tron: Opera is adding support for this “popular and quickly growing blockchain”, so that Crypto Wallet in the beta version of the Opera browser on Android can display TRX and TRC10 token balances, while users can send and receive TRC10 and TRX tokens and access their transaction history.
Opera’s built-in Crypto Wallet had so far supported only Ethereum and ERC-tokens, but the browser is expanding in their effort to be more inclusive.

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