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Opened beta service of ‘Trip Nha Trang’, a global travel membership platform



Global travel membership platform ‘Trip Nha Trang’ will open beta service on May 16th (GMT +18).

‘Trip Nha Trang’ is a global travel platform with a foundation in Singapore. Based in Nha Trang, which is called the Hawaii of Asia, it provides products affiliated with various programs such as resorts, casinos, and marine sports throughout Vietnam. In particular, this product is exclusively provided to ‘Trip Nha Trang’ members, and it is designed to pay for luxury and differentiated travel products with travel points and coin points with a one-time $100 coin payment membership subscription, providing lifetime benefits at a competitive price will be able to enjoy

In addition, NTC, the travel product payment coin of this platform, is currently listed on Dexorca, a global hybrid decentralized exchange that is scheduled to be listed on CoinMarketCap in May which is expected to mutual growth with ‘trip Nha Trang’.

On the other hand, ‘Trip Nha Trang’ said that they will check the beta service starting with a group tour of 100 global leaders in the blockchain field on June 3 and expand the service area by launching the world’s first STO-type casino NTF on July 1 with ambitious aspirations. Along with these aspirations, they announced that a rally for global leaders was also planned through the grand opening on September 23 this year.

In the meantime, there have been many travel membership platforms, but Trip Nha Trang , (there is no monthly membership fee to maintain membership, and travel products can be used conveniently and globally with a dedicated payment coin (NTC) ), is currently the only platform that provides opportunities and considers the user’s point of view so that they can travel right after signing up for membership, and it is expected that many business leaders will choose an opportunity for the global early business timing before the grand opening.

You can check the official website for membership registration and details.

Email: [email protected]
Company: team billions co. ltd
Contact Person: ceo chang
Phone : +82 561 4653
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Website :

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