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Open Proprietary Protocol [OPP] has fused digital content platforms with DAO governance.



Worldwide, experimental governance models such as WEB 3.0, Defi, and DAO are attracting attention. These models are highly related to the modern era of realizing ESG management and social culture.

The digital content market is an industry that continues to grow rapidly every year, and the governance model between content creators and consumers is also the most important industry. In addition, with the rapid growth of platforms that broker or provide digital content, governance between content platforms, content creators, and content consumers has now become very important.

On top of that, OPP is creating innovation in introducing DAO governance to digital content platforms while aiming for the next generation of digital content. DAO has a very similar meaning to WEB 3.0 because it operates the platform and establishes a governance model by forming a community of uncentralized participants.

In the future, digital content platforms will follow this trend of change. Here, OPP is preparing to launch by developing a blockchain-based digital content platform and SNS service while leading the market the fastest.

As a result, OPP is also leading the protection of rights and interests of digital content creators and proof of ownership while accelerating the development and partnership expansion of NFT Marketplace. If you are curious about future OPP news, please refer to the URL below.

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