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NPAS, P2E metaverse game ‘MARS’ trailer video released



Today (13th), the P2E metaverse game ‘MARS’, which is being developed by NPAS, released the first trailer video.

‘MARS’ was developed based on 3D MMORPG, a new genre in the P2E market and GameFi, where you can mine the cryptocurrency NPAS as a reward while enjoying the game. Based on this, users restore the captured outpost and make MARS a second earth.

In this ‘MARS’ trailer video, NPAS used high-density 3D technology to reveal the combat motions and some skills of existing characters and newly released characters last month, and showed a newly reproduced image of Mars with graphics. It is a directing video that perfectly complements the game performance and graphics pointed out in the existing P2E works on the market.

MARS is not limited to games and P2E, but provides a variety of blockchain infrastructure. Representatively, in the ‘MARS NFT’ market, you can exchange and purchase your own characters and items and equipment necessary for the game, and through the gacha system in the market, users can get some of the revealed Legendary-grade characters from here.

NPAS has raised the expectations of many users starting with this first trailer video, and plans to show more diverse trailer videos until release.

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