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NPAS launched Mars new mini game ‘MARS Mini’



NPAS announced that it has officially released the first mini game ‘MARS Mini’ of ‘MARS’.

The new mini -game ‘MARS Mini’ is a Match puzzle mobile game that anyone can easily enjoy, and MARS Mini is a pieces of MARS -mini to match the puzzles using some picture sculptures that embody the various Legendary characters of MARS. Users can earn points, and the points get can be replaced by NPAS tokens later.

The exchanged NPAS can be steaking or swaps with other virtual assets on a crosschain bridge, and users can purchase characters, items, and various equipment through the NFT market, and the legendary character through the Gacha in the NFT Market.

Currently, NPAS is developing ‘Gamefi’ and P2E (P2E) 3D MMORPG game ‘MARS’, which plays the game as a reward. MARS will play a role in restoring the occupied outposts and making MARS a second Earth based on combat epic to fight alien races against MARS and to protect their territory Mars.

The newly released ‘MARS Mini’ can be found on the Google Play Store and the official website.

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