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New Cryptocurrency of E-commerce Qardcoin Token launches soon



A new player is in town. Today we are bringing you a new Crypto Token that will dominate two categories of the crypto market: E-commerce and Metaverse.

The next cryptocurrency to consider buying in 2022 is Qardcoin Token. In its most basic form, Qardcoin is a decentralized worldwide purchasing commercial center, Qardcoin wants to become a central point of E-commerce in the Virtual Metaverse World and also in Real World. It will connect these two worlds in one unique shopping experience.

What exactly is Qardcoin?

Qardcoin Token is a promising undertaking that has shaken E-commerce this year, it is a fundamentally worldwide purchasing commercial center, Qardcoin is a single platform resource for generally big retailers, small retailers, webshops, sports brands, etc. On this platform, it will be possible to trade real-world items and also virtual world items.

Qardcoin Token is developing its own Qardcoin protocol that will allow fast and reliable transactions almost in real-time with anonymity and security in place. Secure as Monero, fast as Solana.

Why invest in Qardcoin Token?

Their Innovative and patented idea regarding making one big platform to trade things and resources in real and in the virtual world is based on blockchain technology. First crypto money with the idea of interfacing online business dealers and little retailers and simultaneously transforming genuine monetary standards into crypto behind the scenes without the need for a client to do it physically. Their platform will be able to process a thousand transactions in under a second.

The fee for the end-user or client will be virtually nothing compared to a fee that traditional retailers have. All this will be running on their unique decentralized blockchain payment ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow fast and reliable connection to other retailers through API and integrating their products offer to Qardcoin platform.

Big Investors and developer Team

They have as of now drawn in huge financial backers and a few major names like JPMorgan, Barry Silbert CEO of Digital Currency Group, Dan Morehead CEO and author of Pantera Capital, and furthermore Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Theirs have a big developers team that has long years of experience working on successful crypto projects in past and this is one more advantage and shows how serious this project is.

We are anticipating a great deal from this undertaking. It will surely be fascinating to perceive how the crypto market will respond to such an intriguing project.

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