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Mobacoin launches a limited investment program with a referral system.




After part 1 of the investment program the Mobacoin is successful. part II investment program has been launched with restrictions on the sale of only 500,000 mobacoin. the price of mobacoin is $0.044/mobacoin

Mobacoin itself is the latest crypto output that will function as the main fiat of the mobaexchange exchange that will be released in the near future. the features that will be applied in Mobaexchange are a combination of crypto trading and the purchase of online products such as airplane tickets and others.

In this period mobacoin opened limited part II investments with several attractive investment packages from giving bonus tokens to 75% and their management applied a refund system of up to 50%, you can see the package details they offer as follows:

Basic package
📌purchases from $ 20 to 100 $
🎁20% bonus tokens
🎁10% Refund

Bronze package
📌purchases from $ 100 to $ 1000
🎁30% bonus tokens
🎁20% refund

Silver package
📌purchases from $ 1000 to $ 2000
🎁40% bonus tokens
🎁30% refund

Gold package
📌purchases from $ 2000 to $ 3000
🎁50% bonus tokens
🎁40% refund

Diamond package
purchases from $ 4000 to $ 8000
🎁75% bonus token
🎁50% refund

the benefits of this investment are:
1. The bonus given is greater than the bonus on their IEO, in the IEO they only give bonuses up to 30%. now only 25% in the 2nd rounde.
2. CEOs of mobacoin say that the ROI they are targeting is 200% – 500% in the first month.
3. many Exchange that have been confirmed, including Digifinex and Coineal.

in this program, mobacoin also implements a referral system with a prize of 10-30% bonus tokens and 15-20% of funds. don’t miss this limited opportunity. see details about the program in the mobacoin group, see embedded messages in the group.

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