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Metaverse Themed Party Cohosted by X10 Legends and DAO Successfully Concluded



On December 26, 2021, the industry leader of the blockchain game market – X10 Legends, jointly held the Metaverse-DAO Theme Party with Wormhole, the largest metaverse empowerment aggregation platform in Asia. This conference was hosted by DAO, X10 Legends, and seven major communities participating together, aiming to jointly build the strongest metaverse digital economy in 2022.

“Metaverse” is undoubtedly the hottest industry at the end of 2021. Technology giants have actively started their metaverse developments, and Facebook has directly changed its name to “Meta”. Not only in science and technology, but also in finance, culture, consumption and other industries and the public are paying attention to the metaverse. The door of a new era is opening. In the first year of the metaverse, we have already stood on the cusp of the tide of scientific and technological development. With the rapid iteration of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D rendering, digital twinning, ARVR and other technologies, the development of “meta-universe” may far exceed people’s expectations. A brand-new field contains brand-new opportunities and challenges.

Mr. Hong Zhongxuan, a big coffee in many industries and a top international designer, was invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, the representatives of the seven major communities also shared that metaverse will accelerate the deep integration and innovation of the real economy and the digital economy, derive new formats, build new models, create new values, and then reshape industrial relations and recreate organizational structure.

During the meeting, the special guest Mr. Hong Zhongxuan also made a wonderful speech. Mr. Hong Zhongxuan is the chief designer of HHD, and is currently the chairman of Hong Kong Holiday Oriental International Design Consultant Company and Shenzhen Holiday Oriental Design Company. Design representative works include: Burj Khalifa Tower (Burj Khalifa), Wanda Ruihua Hotel, BMG-HOTELS Seven Star Hotel, etc.

As the industry leader of blockchain gaimes, X10 Legends has attracted a large number of loyal martial arts fans with its strong team development strength and strategic cooperation resources since its launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. The innovative gameplay of NFT + DeFi + martial arts cultural elements provides more model innovation reference cases for the chain tour market and accelerates the coming of the meta-universe era. In this meeting, as a chain tour unicorn, it also shared games and deployed future strategic planning.


At this meeting, X10 Legends announced that it would invest 10 million US dollars to buy the IP of Liao Ma in Mr. Hong Zhongxuan’s Wawa Beast series, and will cooperate more closely in the future. At the same time, the X10 Legends Battle Edition will officially start its beta version for global players on December 27th, and all players can download games through the official website for an exciting experience.

The Metaverse-DAO Theme Party conference brings together meta-universe innovators, artists and high-quality chain tours. To seize the strategic opportunity, Promote the application of technology, promote the large-scale popularization of meta-universe, empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, actively explore new ideas and ideas of meta-universe, steadily and safely practice new models and new formats of meta-universe, create a fair, open, interconnected and interconnected ecological space of meta-universe, and lead the healthy and benign development of metaverse in China.

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