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MetaPocket Commits To Accept Luna As Part Of Its Ecosystem To Save The Terra Community



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of the LUNA and UST crash just last week. This has been in part attributed to Terra’s ecosystem and how some big institutions have manipulated the token, and many in the cryptocurrency space have lost big time – whether it’s a large portion of the money they’ve put into crypto, or the money they have, period.

It’s not an easy time for anyone in the crypto space especially with the large number of LUNAtics (or LUNA holders, in the LUNA community), but GameFi digital wallet MetaPocket has stepped in to offer a hand to those who have been badly affected by the crash. The MetaPocket digital wallet has always been about its community and how it can serve them better – whether it be through an extremely functional app optimized for GameFi, additional ways to earn via P2E gaming, sniper bots, arbitrage functions, multi-currency and platform transactions and more all within one product.

In this crisis, MetaPocket has impressively stood up to state that they stand with the LUNAtics and are willing to accept LUNA tokens at a value of 100 USD, and holders just need to go to to use their LUNA to earn within the MetaPocket ecosystem. All LUNA holders can do so until 22 May 2022.

With its impressive offerings and utility, MetaPocket will definitely be around for a long time – and will be a product that will have a stronghold in the ever-growing GameFi industry.

Link to the original press release by MetaPocket here.

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