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MetaHorse : Rising Star GameFi Project is disrupting NFT Industry.




The Barn & Stable

Team MetaHorse is excited to announce that we have chosen BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as the protocol & foundation network to develop its community-driven horse racing metaverse.

As one of the early BSC network pioneers, MetaHorse aims to provide a unique gaming experience by combining traditional horse racing with blockchain mechanics. Furthermore, by embracing the highly prospective potential of a decentralized network, it’s easy for people to visualize the result of the modern horse racing platform that MetaHorse is capable of presenting.

Our Approach

Internally, Team MetaHorse envisions the project as an ideal product built from the perfect compositions of blockchain technology, decentralized financial technologies, competitiveness, and profitability of the horse racing mechanics. As blockchain technology continues to evolve towards enhanced capabilities, innovative development possibilities emerge. With the release of MetaHorse, it will deliver all in-game horses (aka assets) to the player as direct-owned non-fungible digital tokens.

On the player side, as we are using “user-centric” as our primary approach to the game’s design, the player will be able to own, trade, nurture their horses, just like raising a child. We put much effort into the “Horse Owner Journey” to create the best experience for each MetaHorse Owner. This approach allows us to build a long-lasting bond and relationship between the NFT and the owner, which we don’t see very often in this current NFT market. Without the support and passion from the community, it would not be possible to actualize this idea, which is the main reason we listen so close to our community.

Final Thoughts

Every little thing matters when you’re trying to develop a metaverse that actually resonates with people. By collaborating with all the factors mentioned above, the bright future of blockchain-driven metaverse brought to you by MetaHorse, BSC, and our community seems not so far from today.

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