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Metahorse Complete Guide: Play-2-Earn with MetaHorse Gamefi



In 2022, endless NFT/metaverse projects emerge out of nowhere from time to time. In addition, many projects claim to be a P2E game. So what truly makes MetaHorse stand out from the crowd within this environment?

Idea of MetaHorse

MetaHorse is an upcoming horse racing game developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The game was first announced in March this year and combines traditional horse racing with blockchain mechanics to provide a distinctive gaming experience.

The central vision behind it is pretty simple: A metaverse that could provide an immersive experience to end-user while maintaining a low entry barrier at the same time.


Yes, everyone. Everyone. And we mean it. It’s pretty challenging to make a P2E with a low-entry barrier compared to some famous projects out there. But just think about the low general trust level within the industry. So we believe this is a correct decision that is worth the risk.

Players will need to start the game by owning at least one horse. From there, the world is open for them to explore freely. Horses vary in color, physique, and rarities. Apparently, the rarer the horse, the better in terms of racing attributes.

The player will need to utilize the horse and complete specific tasks to earn. It does not matter if you have a 10$ horse or 10000$ worth of horse; you can make a profit according to the task’s weight.

Current Phase

As you may notice, MetaHorse hasn’t been released yet, as we know the eager horse racing communities couldn’t wait anymore. Fortunately, the team will update the community consistently, and hopefully, we will be able to release the first private beta around mid-2022.

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