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LuckyCatz NFT, the unique card collection of Maneki-Neko Japanese lucky cat




LuckyCatz NFT will launch on the 17th October a unique collection of 7,777 cards. These cards will be the beginning of a new NFT journey

Mint and collect LuckyCatz cards

7,777 cards available which are all different and possess different levels of rarity. Some are Royal Family cards and give you more power in the LuckyCatz ecosystem.

Get a Royal card and unlock a BabyLuck

Unlock BabyLuck that needs to be fed to keep them alive and grow. They will then turn into adult LuckyCatz, even rarer than the others. Use the $LUCK token that you will farm automatically if you possess a Royal Family Card.

Use the best combinations to receive the best rewards

The more royal Family you have, the more you can mint $LUCK token and grow your BabyLuck. By increasing your portfolio you will get access to special edition Daruma NFT and also have the biggest chance to own the unique RyoCoin NFT.

The project is also featured by an Augmented Reality game to improve the chance to win LuckyCatz NFT.

Also, the owners of 2D LuckyCatz cards can claim to swap them for 3D artworks to fit into the metaverse, like cryptovoxels, decentraland, the sandbox etc.

Mint on the 17th October 5pm UTC

Join the whitelist now on LuckyCatz website! You will get a chance to be part of the lucky 777 people listed for the pre-sale. The official mint is going to take place also on the website on 17th October at 5pm UTC.

To learn more about Luckycatz, visit our website at or email us at [email protected].


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