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IOHK Reveals New Daedalus Delegation Countdown Design; Will Cardano’s Decentralized System Be Released in October?



The new Daedalus delegation countdown design has already been revealed according to a new GitHub post on the matter. According to the screenshot they shared, it is possible to see that Cardano could eventually start its transition from a federated to a decentralized system as soon as in October this year.

IOHK Reveals New Daedalus Delegation Countdown Design

IOHK has shared information about the design they are working on for their countdown page. Cardano is expected to be moving in the future from a federated to a decentralized system in the cryptocurrency market.

About it, the firm released in the screenshot:

“Cardano will soon start its transition from a federated to a decentralized system. This will mark the start of stakeholders being able to earn rewards for participating in the running of the network. They will be able to participate directly in the process of staking or can delegate their stake to stake pools to earn rewards in data.”

In this new design, it is possible to see a countdown clock that says that the rewards will begin in 2 months, 7 days, and 6 hours. However, there is no specific information regarding whether this is a real estimative date for the new network or not. That means that the new improvements could eventually be released in October this year.

A Redditor called nucleotidicic said that it is not possible to for it to happen because they are still at the first phase of testnet. Founded by Charles Hoskinson, IOHK is a technology company that is working on building Cardano’s network and expand its services around the world. Nucleotidicic said that the last phase is where the firm will be testing staking.

The Redditor went on saying that every single phase can take up to 2 months, which means that he would not expect the first days of October for the new improvements to be released. Another user answered that Charles Hoskinson informed they were going to be doing weekly updates, which could prove that the image shared on GitHub is real.

There are other users that consider that this new update could be released between October and December this year.

According to data provided by CoinMarketCap, Cardano is the 12th largest digital currency with a price per coin of $0.0248 and a market cap of $1.66.

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