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Introduction of POPKON Blockchain-based L2E Live Streaming Platform



This time, we are here to introduce POPKON,

Blockchain-based L2E live streaming platform

Are you ready for this? =)

There are so many live-streaming platforms on the Internet these days.

Here is the best platform, POPKON TV that you may have heard of at least once.

The POPK project is a new concept internet broadcasting platform combined with a live streaming platform.

In this day and age, many people enjoy watching Internet broadcasts.Then let’s see the details right away!

What is POPKON?

POPK is a cryptocurrency for a decentralized incentive live-streaming trading platform that connects content providers and consumers. It introduces creators to provide better content and provides an environment for consumers to experience quality content.

​More than anything else, it uses blockchain technology to introduce SoicalFi and DAO systems, making it better than other platforms.

It provides a more transparent and stable service and is a distributed type that can be used conveniently in real life. Also, POPK provides an environment for planning an incentive live streaming platform.

In addition, various ecosystem participants including creators, planners, and sponsors and consumers will participate in the POPK token and NFT circulation process to create an environment in which fair distribution is received 🙂

The key element in the POPKON project is L2E, which is the Live streaming to Earn as an abbreviation. It provides an environment where all participants in the ecosystem, such as creators and users, can directly generate profits without other third parties through the staking pool, and POPK token and NFT holders participate in platform decision-making and receive rewards.

Live streaming in addition, in the case of token circulation, is said that it is not only happening in one direction but is aiming for healthy governance that runs through a virtuous cycle from token distribution to a reward system for ecosystem participants to Earn.

 An ecosystem of new value

Now, we can participate in the new ecosystem of POPK through the platform and create values that haven’t existed before.

All participants in the ecosystem will have access to virtual assets, and they will be able to acquire virtual assets as rewards.

NFT and Fan Staking.

All contents of creators can create their own NFT using the EDIT tool in POPKON.

It is said that the NFT created in this way can be turned into an asset. Users who own Genesis NFT are said to be able to stake by depositing in the NFT Pool, and ecosystem participants who performed staking

You can receive rewards according to the set annual rate of return (APY), staking period, and NFT amount.

Cumulative No. of members: 5,660,000
Average No. of Logins per month: 168,670

Generated content per month: 111,665
Maximum concurrent users: 20,260
Number of payments: 5,039
Affiliate partners: 105

The platform already has proven competitiveness in the market, and POPKON TV is a part of the POPKON ecosystem.

It is said to be one of the live streaming platforms.

2nd in the domestic live streaming service market share, and the largest personal broadcasting for adults in Asia

You are saying you have the content.

Since the project has a relatively high number of participants and contents at the beginning of the project, the demand for tokens is expected to increase in the future, and they plan to expand more rapidly.

If you look at the official website now, we have a lot of investors and partners.

More partnerships are planned in the future, and as PopKon TV has already taken a stable place as a personal broadcasting platform, it seems to be a platform worthy of further development in the future!

In this way, we introduce blockchain-based, POPK and L2E live streaming platforms.

I took my time, was it useful?

After seeing the word POPK, I also worked hard to learn about the platform and introduced it. I hope it will be helpful to you as well, and I will see you next time with more useful content.

Thanks for reading today.

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