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How Ovato decrease the loyalty program cost by using Blockchain-based platform




The loyalty program is one of the multi-billion industry and today with the help of Blockchain technology, Ovato has lessened the program cost by 80% and also makes sure the process is remaining transparent as well as secured.

Loyalty programs are designed to keep up potential consumer’s enthusiasm because, with several options present in both physical stores as well as online stores, it is very difficult to devote your consumers towards your brand. These loyalty programs are some of the beneficial treatments that most of the special clients will receive from the merchants, thereby encouraging them to go back and buy further items and also services with frequency. Some of the beneficial treatments include:

  • Easy access to new products
  • Occasionally free merchandise
  • Extra discounts.

Customers who have an interest in participating in some special programs offer their personal information by showing the unique ID card. This is like a win-win situation for all who are involved in it. With digitalization evolving rapidly, it is quite difficult to search for an advertising approach that can gain audience attention and also save some expenditure.

The loyalty and rewards program industry suffer from fractures and frictions that can decrease the value and weaken the people participating. But Blockchain technology is one of the good solutions to solve those issues in a way that offers trust and reliability. Ovato took advantage of this Blockchain technology for optimization of the loyalty reward industry. It executed a partnership with one of the major loyalty and reward platform Bitovation. It offers rebates through a free membership known as BitClub which in turn provides massive discounts as well as savings with Daily Deals from several brands and the members in a digital currency called Ovato.

Let’s see how Ovato coins benefit the industry?

Ovato transactions are based on plans that bring together the stakeholders, customers and investors. Its main principle helps in conducting transactions and fills up loyalty programs elements in fast as well as smooth way. With the Blockchain revolution, no requirement of paying fees anywhere includes rewards and loyalty industry.

The customers are also benefited as they get a system that offers them both equality as well as a choice by utilization of technology and creative resources. The Ovato coin could trade 15x plus on the secondary market. This is a great benefit for the customers who earn it.

How ovato functions for this industry?

  • Ovato is one of the decentralized platforms to find out and make an analysis of the advertising campaigns with social media influencers by the execution of Blockchain technology. The whole project is set to collect together the whole social media audience, into a situation where everyone will use Blockchain technology as well as smart contracts to identify the influencer’s contribution in promotion of shopping economy across the whole world along with some loyalty and rewards.
  • The Ovato coin holders will get benefits by making purchases and on the other hand, the merchant’s will save some time while addressing the marketing plans easily to social media.
  • Ovato also strengthens the merchants to label a portion of their total profit from their loyalty program, and that is delivered to receiver after enrolling and buying. This amount is transferred through digital mode to the mobile of the participant through Blockchain.

Ovato, in this way, has reduced the total cost of the loyalty-rewards program and also forms a very safe platform to perform daily business anywhere all over the world. Ovato coin, in turn, gets a lot of investors. Partnership with Bitovation is beneficial both for the merchant site and Ovato.

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