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HOvr Offers the Best NFTs to Investors and Collectors at Low Transaction Fees.



The NFT space has witnessed a tremendous rise in the last few years, owing to both the increased interest amongst collectors and its integration with the metaverse, another emerging technology in the space. Also, NFTs have become a great investment opportunity given the meteoric rise in the value of several collections in a short span. And, to tap into the space and offer NFT creators exciting opportunities, HOvr came into existence.

Developed on the QI Blockchain that allows users to create their own NFTs and list them on the platform. HOvr is different in the sense that it provides a wide array of features, much more than other platforms, to aid the development of NFTs, ensure higher participation from the community, and get the creators a better deal for their hard work.

In addition to these aspects, HOvr also allows the creation of NFTs to be integrated into the metaverse or NFTs with a message or greeting for loved ones. Also, HOvr is the first ever NFT platform to offer users the option to store their will as an NFT on the blockchain. These unique types of NFTs allow users to set the beneficiary wallet.  Besides, the platform lists several accomplished artists and their best NFT collections for investors.

Why is HOvr better?

Whether trading stocks, crypto tokens, or NFTs, transaction fees and time are two critical aspects users consider before choosing a platform. And HOvr has got that part right. The transaction charges and the time taken to process it are one of the lowest on HOvr, thus allowing users to trade NFTs without incurring high gas fees quickly.

The NFT collections offered by HOvr are one of the best in the space. Also, the platform has launched its collection, HOvr Hooligans, comprising 10,000 unique NFTs, which will then be integrated into the P2E (Play to Earn) game, scheduled to be released once the collection is sold out. The NFTs are based on the 10,000 largest cities across the globe.

All about the HOvr referral scheme 

After a successful initial run, HOvr will launch a multi-level marketing campaign in October, wherein users get to invite more people to the platform and earn lucrative commissions. The referral bonus can be up to 70% of the 2.5% transaction fee for every user who trades NFTs through their referral. If you are an entrepreneur or simply looking for a passive income this is definitely for you.  Not only do you receive commission from the people you directly refer, but you also share in the commission of the people that trade that they refer to.  As per multi-level marketing you can earn up to 5 levels deep with HovR referral program.  The exact details will be disclosed in the near future.  This ensures more significant participation as well as a happy community.

Also, after the rise in the emergence of NFTs with real-world utilities like ticketing, in-gaming items and voting, more and more users now go with these instead of the ones that could only be used on the web or traded on exchanges for a profit, if that’s indeed the case.

So, if you have been looking for an NFT collection to mint or plan to invest in one, HOvr would be a perfect choice. Check the wide range of collections HOvr has to offer and choose the ones that hold the potential to make it big in the space.

To find out more about HOvr, visit the official website:

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