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Here’s Why We Rushed For The QQS Presale



The third week of June did not start particularly well especially for those in the crypto space, but Metaverse and Web3 enthusiasts refused to be deterred, seeing as the presale tokens set aside for QQS was completely sold out for the day yet again.

The QQS project boasts a metaverse where you can do everything in the real world (think: shopping, consuming and creating content, earning, socializing) and way more, with ways to not just experience an immersive universe but also profit from it.

To prepare for its launch, QQS started its presale launch for the QQT token in mid-May, where buyers could purchase their QQT at heavily discounted prices. Each day, a specific amount of QQT is released to be sold and this price increases exponentially over the presale period, which means that the earlier you get yours, the more discounted your QQT price!

Here are some reasons why the QQT Presale is worth rushing for, in a TLDR format:

  1. Revolutionary Burn-To-Earn concept

Given that 100% of QQT sold is burnt, the supply of QQT will constantly reduce, meaning that token price must increase over time. In this bear market, the strategy for most would likely be to hold rather than sell everything they have, and hence QQT would be a good token to hold in this season.

  1. The QQS Protocol is safer compared to other protocols

With crypto, one of the biggest worries everyone has is the level of safety involved with our hard-earned cash. While no one can promise any specific outcome, the facts that build up this project show that it could be relatively safer. As the developers do not hold any QQT, it is unlikely that the QQS project will result in a rug pull (that has happened to so many projects just over the past few years). The protocol is unable to mint more coins as well.

  1. Passive income

Daily emission payout from burning QQT provides buyers with an attractive form of passive income – where your money works for you rather than the other way around!

  1. Strong referral programs

There are unlimited levels of referral earnings to be had, which sets the QQS referral system apart from some others in the market today. The QQS referral program offers QQT advocates higher emissions daily for each friend they refer, which means an even higher passive income just for sharing the good news.

  1. Spend-To-Earn QQ Card

QQS will also be releasing their QQ Card (planned for Visa and UnionPay for users’ convenience) that offers lifelong rebates through emissions as a reward for spending. Think being able to earn or save a significant amount with every purchase you make on the card in-app and in real life!

It’s no surprise that there’s a huge demand for the QQT token and the QQS project is gaining interest, with potential to become an everyday name in the crypto space in the future. The presales are currently heavily discounted and is soon approaching 3 cents to raise liquidity pool funds. During the IDO event to occur after presales, the token will be listing at 9 cents (a minimum of 300% increase in token price) so this might be the best time to build up your portfolio with strong assets!

As always, do remember to DYOR and never invest more than you can lose in the short-term; while this project definitely has potential, it’s always recommended to be cautiously optimistic with your investments.

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