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GameFi Project Metapocket Promises To Revolutionize Crypto Wallets With Its Sniperbot



Just as GameFi was truly starting to realize its potential with a growing user base all over the world, Luna and Celsius happened, leaving the DeFi and crypto world in confusion and fear. Yet, this does not diminish the potential that decentralized blockchain gaming holds, where many players get to live out their childhood dreams of playing to earn. Many players globally, especially in countries with weaker economics, have seen the reality of this through games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland and The Sandbox, that topped the GameFi charts for quite some time.

Amidst the uncertainty, the MetaPocket Digital Wallet has stepped in to provide some form of clarity for the GameFi world. MetaPocket is the only GameFi-optimized digital wallet in the space today, and boasts multi-currency, multi-layer and cross-chain transactions. It is compatible with all the top decentralized GameFi games and projects, including AXS, MANA, YGG, ILV, ENJ and much more.

Within the MetaPocket app, users can explore and interact with decentralized games, and also earn through various ways. One clear way is through Yield Farming where users can stake their supported GameFi tokens to mine more METAPK (the MetaPocket token), but a more impressive feature is their upcoming MetaPocket Sniper Bot.

Being a digital wallet where people can keep their crypto and also execute transactions, the MetaPocket team has created a way for users to maximize their earnings especially in a season where some of the strongest new crypto projects are launching and launch tokens are getting snapped up quickly.

The sniper bot gives users the power to buy any newly added token from PancakeSwap (which means everything on the BSC network) and Uniswap at unbelievable speeds – up to zero seconds from the time the liquidity transaction shows up in the mempool! This is done in a process called “frontrunning”, which is exactly what it sounds like: running at the front to get the first dibs on tokens before the price shoots up, so that users can get the best profits.

Built on a strong foundation, the METAPK token is high in demand globally today with the rewards and utility that the app, and even the token itself, offers holders. Check out to explore it for yourself!

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