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$FUNDS The First Cryptocurrency Backed by Real World Lotteries



The $FUNDS mission was to decentralize and fractionize the world’s largest lotteries, making them affordable and available for anyone in the world to enjoy.

Through the creation of their Lifetime Lottery Ticket, $FUNDS gives you a chance of winning over $1 Billion worth of Major Jackpots every week in 30 of the biggest global lotteries, no matter where you are in the world, for life!

The FUNDS IEO is live now or can be purchased directly via the $FUNDS website using BTC, ETH, Matic (Polygon network), PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. 

Take advantage of the IEO today to get your tokens before the price skyrockets. You will increase your odds of winning massive jackpots as the pool grows.

Weekly lotteries include US PowerBall, Euro Millions, US Mega Lotto, AZBalls Jackpot Lottery – the world’s first alphabetical lottery, the Italian Lottery, and many more.

You never have to buy a physical ticket again to be involved.

What is $FUNDS?

It’s the brainchild of Craig Austin, inventor of the Australian lottery AZBalls. Using the latest crypto and NFT technology, he wanted to disrupt the existing lottery system and provide a secure way to obtain lottery tickets anywhere in the world. What’s more, because $FUNDS pools holders’ lottery tickets, it increases your chance of winning significantly! 

$FUNDS Roadmap:

With $FUNDS, users will be able to control their stake in lotteries for the first time by owning a share of lifetime lottery tickets, and of course, trade them freely on the blockchain.

$FUNDS was created for real people by real people

What are the benefits?

  • Lifetime Lottery Tickets: Each 1 million $FUNDS Tokens purchased will be pooled to create a Lifetime Lottery Ticket. Each Lifetime Lottery Ticket gives token holders weekly entries into up to 30 international lottery jackpots;
  • The ERC-20 standard is supported: The $FUNDS Token is an ERC2O utility token whose value derives from smart contracts. The token will be available for trading, holding, and creating pools;
  • Payouts are automatically processed every month: If you’ve met the KYC requirements and connected your wallet to their Dapp, $FUNDS will distribute your payouts automatically every month;
  • Weekly jackpots: The reward will be available in a user’s wallet by simply holding the token in Dapp. The rewards will be proportional to the tokens held by the users;
  • An asset for future generations: A $FUNDS token may be transferred to kin in the event of a contingency, as the token is designed to be a generational asset.

Join the$FUNDS family and win for life! Also, don’t forget to follow $FUNDS on social media:

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