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EverFork Launches Hyper Deflationary Token With Wealth Reflections



Vienna, Austria — EverFork launches a hyper deflationary token with wealth reflections. Many believe that the crypto industry has already reached its high, but experts don’t agree. With new tokens added each day, and more efficient mechanisms being introduced, the market is surely going to see an uptrend in the coming days. And, there couldn’t be a better time to invest!

EverFork is releasing a hyper-deflationary token that will see a considerable rise in terms of value, along with offering exciting rewards to the token holders. The team behind it has an incredible knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and marketing, which is bound to benefit the token holders.

Along with the token, five other utilities will be launched, some along with it while others in the coming days, to simplify the process and let users do a lot more. They will have a dedicated platform, EverBoard, which will help users to keep a track of things. EverStaking, another utility to be released, will allow token holders to stake their assets, and earn rewards. As per projections, the APY is set to be around 235,543.196, which means staking tokens worth $1000 will yield returns up to $2,355,431. Sounds amazing, right! All credits to our team.

The staking will begin five days after the launch of $EverFork, and there wouldn’t be a lock period. So, users can exit whenever they feel like it, but since the stakings are compounded daily, it will affect the overall return. Staying long-term is the key here for maximum benefits.

EverSwap, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), is the third utility to be released, with a private node that will ensure the least delay. Also, there will be no commission fee and those who hold $EverFork will be amongst the first ones to try the platform in the beta stage of testing.

They will also be launching EverNFT and EverPad, the fourth and fifth utility respectively to further expand the ecosystem, and draw more investors in the coming days.

The supply of $EverFork is capped at 1,000,000,000,000,000 or 1 quadrillion. Of these, 25% or 25 trillion will be available during the pre-sale. Any tokens that go unsold will be burnt, thus increasing the value of the tokens in circulation.

All transactions are to be taxed at 16%, but we intend to utilize the collected amount effectively to ensure better returns in the long run. Here’s the breakup for it.

  • 3% will be used for marketing to increase the exposure of EverFork, and in turn, reach maximum prospective investors.
  • 13% of the fee will be given to the token holders as rewards in the form of $BUSD, one of a kind cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar. To ensure stability, its creators hold the exact worth of USD as the coin in circulation.

If you are still wondering whether to hold $EverFork, remember that it’s a hyper-deflationary coin that will become scarcer with time. And when that happens, its value will go through the roof.

We have created an ecosystem that will reward the token holders to the fullest. And that’s the primary goal as well, to ensure the financial well-being of the token holders.

To know more about $EverFork and the utilities to be released alongside, check the official website:





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