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EMJAC: Transforming waste tyres into Renewable Green Energy




When we think about vehicle pollution, we’ve probably think mainly about harmful emissions. We usually refer to Global-Warming, waste hazards and the health-harming effects of the smoke coming from vehicles.

There are only a few, or no one thinks of another serious effects of vehicle pollution. The research said that this is also one serious problem for every country. And It comes from tyres. Indeed, Every year there are 2 billion of waste tyres produced and recycling is subjected to a very small part after use within 8-13%.

How come waste Tyres become a threat?

Natural rubber may be a minor component (sometimes as little as 20%), but the bulk of a modern tyre is a mix of synthetic compounds, fillers, binders, plasticizers and other chemical additives to add strength, weatherproofness, etc. The exact composition will vary and is often kept secret by tyre manufacturers.

One important but less-than-obvious ingredient added to tyres is carbon black. It’s a dark sooty material usually sourced from burning fossil fuels and is used to increase tyre strength and resistance to UV light. It’s the main reason tyres are black. Carbon black is known not to be biodegradable, and is a ‘possible human carcinogen’, according to a report published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. They are not easy to recycle unlike other waste, and so fewer people get interested in them. In that case, who should handle them? Where should we put them?

How can we get rid of these waste tyres?

Some car owners just left their waste tyres on the empty room of their houses or in their garage. Some of them just throw and leave it on the side road, but the worst, some of them burn them and turn the whole place to black, obviously because of the Black Carbon.

Founded in 2016, EMJAC is a blockchain-based green renewable energy platform, with the sole aim of recycling waste management (tyres) into green energy.

When you find out how this start-up company is turning waste tyres into green energy, you’ll be tempted to go home, put your used tyres from your garage and put it in your car trunk and drive it over to EMJAC headquarters.

Essentially, the company uses a new proprietary TRU (Thermal Recovery Unit) which makes sure there’s 100% waste tyre recovery minus release of harmful toxins to the environment. As “Airlock”, it prevents any harmful emissions, once process tires fumes into the atmosphere.

EMJAC as a blockchain-based platform will integrate the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, and by using blockchain, EMJAC will:

  • Improve the transparency and traceability of global waste tires management and make sure there’s a reduction of illegal dumping.
  • It will ensure the accountability of logistics and production.
  • Preserve the environment
  • Ensure the trapped carbon and energy in the waste tyres are fully retrieved and recycled.
  • The EMJAC market place will also allow direct trading for both P2P and B2B for the collection, procurement, and shipping of waste tires and also production, sales, and shipping of the recycled tyres.

Emjac aims to develop the generation of new renewable energy sources from such spent resources and to interact with suppliers and consumers on the platform using digital tokens, which will soon investors will be given a chance to grab them in the form of IEO.

EMJAC announced the kickoff of their final private token sale for its upcoming IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) . Details are as follows:  The Minimum Purchase of $100 is required and will offer early participants a token with 20% discount, price set at $.011/EMJ. IEO will commences on 5th March – 5th April, 2020 at ChainX, Lukki and P2PB2B.

Register and Buy Tokens from the link below

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