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DIDCOIN Rising Financial Star of the Middle East



Cryptocurrency has been making rounds in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past few days. Bitcoin suffered the worst dip in the history and lost almost 50% of its value in a month after reaching an all time high of $64,000 per Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not the only currency that faced a dip in its value. Numerous alt coins and NFTs also sunk in the pothole because of artificially inflated market valuation. The best thing about the fall? The market showed that if some coins are well thought out and have a strong infrastructure and not merely driven by the greed of the market, they can even withstand the corrections and maintain the store of value.

DIDCOIN brings stability to the digital financial system in the Middle East with the Digital Dinar. Middle East boasts the wealthiest reserves of oil and gas and the development in the region has outpaced the rest of the world in a very short time. The progress knows no limits and continues to grow. One institution that is yet to see the exceptional growth was of the digital financial world as the Middle Eastern economy heavily relies on cash for most transactions. The over dependance on cash and movement towards a digital more connected future took the Dinar digital and global as a medium of exchange.

Learning from Historic Whitepapers

DIDCOIN is backed by the most well-thought-out digital currency plans and has a much-detailed White Paper as compared to the one issued by Satoshi Nakamoto when he first launched Bitcoin back in 2008. The paper details how the DIDCOIN aims to revolutionize the digital currency sector not just in the Middle East but also aims to be a store of value for the whole world. The coin actually adds value to the coin-base with every transaction, taking care of the inflated prices issue that creates a bubble waiting to burst.

As the rollout of 3G was slow in the Middle East and by the time it was getting on the bandwagon the world was experimenting with an LTE rollout. The result? Middle Eastern countries boast some of the best LTE networks in the world thanks to the improved infrastructure and fixing problems that the other countries had to face. The same phenomenon is being witnessed in the DIDCOIN situation as the coin aims to move the region to a digital and secure future.

DIDCOIN – Rethinking the Future

DIDCOIN is ensuring a complete financial solution for the region as it aims to install ATMs that will exchange money for DIDCOIN or vice versa and provide access to your DIDCOIN wallet. DID is one of the fasting rising cryptocurrencies that promises a great future ahead. The roadmap is already in till Q4 2022 and it is on its path to success achieving milestone after milestone in record times.

The recent dip was the worse one in the cryptocurrency market and as the market recovers slowly people are looking to invest in digital currencies that are not just gaining values due to baseless rumors but are actually usable and qualify as money. The rising demand and use will see DIDCOIN climb up the pecking order in no time and the project is eyeing listing on the top exchanges to increase its reach and market capitalization. Currently, DIDCOIN is going forwards with ProBit Exchange and will be listed on all top exchanges across all continents by the end of Q3.

Bypassing the Usual – DIDCOIN ATMs

The Middle Eastern region’s heavy dependence on cash transactions proved to be a big hurdle for the financial institutions but as the paper currencies are no longer a safe and reliable store of value investors are looking towards secure and more dependable stores of value and DIDCOIN is the most opted for solution as evident from the initial increase in the market capitalization. The huge store of resources in the Middle East means that the Dinar will dominate not just the region but the whole world once as it gets listed on increasing number of global exchanges.

Surely, DIDCOIN is on its path to greatness and is the rising star of the Middle East as it looks to rethink the way money is used, saved, transferred and even earnt. The coin bypasses the usual red-tape procedures and money transfer ways and connects a world without borders where money can move between continents with anonymity and security. As new partners come onto the network, the reach and expansion of the network will allow DIDCOIN to enter the DeFi space and approve dApps projects. This expansion into new waters will further increase the adoption and use of the coin not only in the Middle East but worldwide. The vision includes a cashless digital world that will see the Middle East progressing flawlessly in the forward direction with the ease of digital payments and derivatives.

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