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Dappatoz ICO success story: Asian Sales Sold Out




What is Dappatoz?

Dappatoz is mobile application, that has user-friendly platform marketplace, enabling blockchain applications for major ecosystems and running seamlessly without requiring any specific technological expertise.

Dappatoz Player is a revolutionary mobile application, based on WEB3.0 technology and it renders various blockchain apps on the mobile device.

Dappatoz ICO successfully sold out!!!

Dappatoz is pleased to announce that it has successfully sold out all ICO for Asian Region and now is getting heated up to become bigger hit. Additionally, DCASH has completed negotiations for listing on major Exchanges. Even though Dappatoz project has been just initiated, such warming appreciation clearly guarantees its long-term success and secures much deserved place in the blockchain industry.

‘’The project is getting lot of attention from investors. It is largely because, Dappatoz player is very innovative platform, it is extremely simple and intuitive. User does not need to stay up all night in order to understand Dappatoz’s marketplace. Most importantly, it is available on mobile phones. This for many users is a great relieve, as they prefer switching from PC desktops on iOS or Android apps.’’ said person affiliated to the Dappatoz.

For now, it has not been disclosed which Exchanges will list DCASH, however we will continue to keep a close eye on this raising star!!!

What else to expect from Dappatoz

Dappatoz will reduce entry barriers and achieves mass adoption by launching an ease-of-use mobile blockchain application for rendering dApps from all major ecosystems.

Furthermore, Dappatoz will create ecosystem where unlimited amount of blockchain games will be offered. At the same time ‘’’’Playground’’, which is going to be Dappatoz Marketplace, will provide real time analytics and marketing based on the real-time user traffic.

The launch of Dappatoz as a platform framework geared to the non-technical consumer segment may naturally change industry sentiment towards the acceptance of blockchain technologies rendering it an attractive high-profit margin ecosystem for dApp producers. In other words, Dappatoz platform infrastructure is designed to extend user longevity and provide a robust B2C and B2B marketplace for the dApp industry.

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