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CSSA Token NFT super public chain is online, the industry’s leading chain transformation platform




Since the invention of Bitcoin, the encryption industry has sprung up, and top talents in various fields have been bound together through the blockchain. In the blockchain field, if you want to have both “advanced technology” and “strong strength”, I believe that many companies will emerge in everyone’s mind, including Digital Currency Group, Union Square Ventures, MetaStable… etc., and CSSA Token is also on the list. Famous on it. As a super public chain that supports NFT in all aspects, the CSSA Token super public chain has a very clear development planning path since its establishment. From the establishment of the CSLA project in 2019, the overall evaluation will be completed; the CSLA basic model will be successfully developed in 2020; CSLA will be promoted in 2021. The super public chain is online; CSLA has always been firmly in accordance with the plan and steadily implemented.

The investment “top stream” NFT that swept the entire crypto circle in 2021 has triggered intense market discussions, full of topics, as to whether it is gold or residue that is scoured in the NFT wave? Everyone has their own opinions, and the CSLA public chain gave a positive answer. As a technology that can solve the pain points of the current NFT market, the CSLA public chain has established a new type of NFT synthesis with a built-in DeFi incentive mechanism in the market. Service platform. Through the combination of NFT+DeFi, the CSLA industry ecological closed loop is realized, and more basic NFT services are provided for people. Really think for the sake of the masses and create wealth for the masses.

In addition to the layout of NFT, CSLA also cuts into the field of e-commerce consumption and the concept of super public chain. CSLA has long aimed at the key role of e-commerce in the consumption of the blockchain market. It is expected that the on-chain mall to be launched will ensure the traceability and openness of users’ transactions, ensure product safety, prevent counterfeit and inferior products, and solve from the root cause. A major pain point of e-commerce. Relying on the CSLA application ecosystem to create a market-oriented chain reform platform, it also adopts multiple models such as business incubation and business cooperation to carry out wide-ranging practical cooperation in the fields of blockchain technology and application, industrial integration, and technological achievement transformation to help Numerous cooperative enterprises have grown steadily and expanded steadily.

In the future, not only NFT, DeFi, e-commerce, and chain reform will all be completed through the CSLA super public chain in one stop. It can be said that CSLA is accelerating technological development and promoting industry reform through a form of a super public chain. Only with projects such as the CSLA public chain to create a complete industry ecology can it be more prosperous!

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