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CFX Quantum is achieving heights, having most advanced technologies in their “wallet”



CFX Quantum

In the era of the fastest growing technology, every day a new technique is invented by traders to boost their earnings. With the growing speed of communication and the internet, news travels much faster than in the earlier days. With the increase in the speed of information, it’s becoming challenging for retail investors to maintain a profitable portfolio consistently. Today, the challenge is tuff as the market becomes more volatile with the increase in the speed of communication.

It’s the time of big institutional traders. They use various tools and large capital flow to manage the diverse and complex portfolio to yield constant profit. They apply their knowledge and maintain a profitable portfolio.

In a situation of financial crises, the one who got hit harder is the retail investors. There is an absolute requirement of bridging this gap with proper risk management and so it’s where CFX Quantum Solution comes into the game. They give equal opportunity to retail investors to withstand institutional investors.

The CFX Quantum

CFX Quantum solution aims to bridge the gap between big institutional traders and retail investors. They create a powerful and disruptive ecosystem that is designed to help investors compete in the competitive market and earn safe and risk-free returns. With a mission of creating a helpful platform for retail investors, 30 years experienced Marco Mottana founder CFX Quantum. He is a graduate of Hartford University and co-founded FORINVEST in 1987. He is a highly experienced investor and had written two best-selling books on Technical Analysis and Successful Investing. In 2018 he launched the CFX project with a vision to bring revolution to the way of trading. Marco Mottana believed CFX is his life’s goal and will contribute everything in making it a global success.

The ultimate dream of the company is launching the “SURF Fund” – Social Universal Raise Fund in 2021. They believed it’s a way of investing and participating in the growth of underdeveloped countries and high social impact projects.

CFX Wallet Exchange and their advancements

CFX provides the easiest way to access their new wallet exchange APP where token holders can hold their CFX Tokens and major cryptocurrencies, buy and sell fiat-crypto, and crypto to crypto, and have exclusive access to ZEROONE. It is one of the most secure wallets with all security measures taken. They provide facilities such as fingerprint access and pin access. For this purpose, CFX uses various techniques to edge from the market. First, they provide a disruptive ecosystem based on quantum and blockchain technology and various statistical tools to help small investors keeping foot with big institutional traders. Secondly, they provide the use of a highly smart and advanced technique of Q-HATS which includes solution with Fujitsu Digital Annealer breaktrough chip.. Third and most important they provide an almost zero loss trading with a 1% fixed monthly return. This is what they call ZEROONE. With this, they developed a highly impressive Digital Solution. They believed that its speed light calculations and transmission of orders create a unique chance of zero loss trading with 1% fixed monthly returns.

CFXQ Token and its benefits

CFX Quantum came up with the CFXQ token and it’s totally based on the ETH, ERC20 standards. It allows the token holders to access exclusive products, discounts, and the list of benefits goes on. The ZEROONE product will be available as an exclusive only for the token holders. CFXQ tokens will be burned periodically and investing 5% of the CFX turnover for the next 5 years. They are planning to launch IEO on LATOKEN Exchange for their token holders and will take every step to become a global leader in the market.

CFX believes in the power of word of mouth. They believed their happy customers will be their biggest assets and promoters. They had a brilliant referral scheme of invite and reward. They believed it’s one of the best techniques in creating a better connected and strong network. They truly believe in the motto of “motivation by Results”

IEO Launch 

CFX Quantum has always worked for their users and attracts them with new advancements. The company based on blockchain technology decided to launch its IEO for attracting investors and generate liquidity necessary for the last stage development in obtaining a global presence. CFX Quantum IEO is Live on LaToken & the IEO will also be launched on The supply and price are shared on their official website. In order to purchase tokens Investor should deposit ETH, USDT, or BTC on his LATOKEN account or use a credit card option. Investors are required an additional KYC verification by the payment provider.


CFX Quantum comes with a full proof solution to protect the retail investors and giving them a chance to fight in the competitive market and keeping their foot with big institutional traders. CFX Quantum with its advanced Q-HATS and Digital Annealer technology edge the market and provides the best services to its users. They also provide the most secured wallet Exchange APP with a variety of options available for benefits. It’s secure and fast. CFX with its ZEROONE technique will surely create an impact and attracts many small investors ensuring the security and safety of their assets. With the launch of IEO CFX will definitely acquire a global position and a firm step in the exchange market. With their advanced technology and a zeal to fight and grow they will not leave any uncaptured opportunities to succeed.

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