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CARYPTO, ‘Money-Making Driving,’ Securing Bridgehead for Southeast Asia and Africa



CARYPTO APP, which is drawing attention for its NFT-based ‘Drive to Earn P2E game,’ announced that it has established a strategic alliance with IWEB.INC (hereinafter referred to as IWEB), based in Nevada, the U.S.

IWEB acquired Tingo Mobile, an African fintech company with 9 million subscribers, for $3.7 billion last year.

It also supplies 5G networks across Thailand, builds 30,000 CCTVs with the Ministry of Transportation, and is a technical support and investment partner for 5G projects with large companies such as CATT and TOT that operate 150,000 public WIFI networks and 5G wireless base stations in Thailand.

Cloud K, COO (the chief operating officer) of the CARYPTO Foundation, said “the reason why P2E games were able to grow rapidly, mainly in the Philippines and Vietnam, is that the environment where people can earn more than wages through simple virtual asset-based games has expanded to the world.”

“Our CARYPTO APP is the first project linked to offline real car driving, not just an existing online game,” he said adding, “Thailand is the best country for successful CARYPTO games because it is a country with good road and car supply in Southeast Asia and good income for D2E games to grow.”

He said, “This partnership with IWEB will play a big role in the distribution and spread of CARYPTO APP through 5G networks and CCTVs operated by the Ministry of Transportation in Thailand,” adding, “We expect that various collaborations will be possible to enter the African market through Tingo Mobile, which was acquired for $3.7 billion last year.”

The CARYPTO Foundation is said to be preparing for full-fledged activities by selecting agents in Korea for marketing and strategic expansion in Korea.

It is expected how far the NFT project, the unprecedented business concept of ‘money-making driving,’ can grow.

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