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BXH (DEFI) Decentralize Finance Service Platform Announces Relaunch & Business Transformation



Returning after a widely publicized theft incident, BXH reveals its new scope of business with an exciting machine gun pool + cross-chain bridge approach.

Following an intensive 6-month period after a high-profile theft, BXH (DeFI) Decentralize Finance Service Platform is now able to move beyond the focus of investigations, cooperating with security agencies as well as tracking efforts and transition into a forward-thinking approach, taking action on their strategic future plan. In restarting their business and launching the future of BXH development, the platform is able to be best aligned to future goals, opportunities, and services.

Officially relaunching the business on May 3, 2022, the BXH platform core will be transformed into a platform with hybrid capabilities, including a machine gun pool (mining different currencies with the same algorithm) as well as featuring cross-chain bridge (connecting two blockchains and allowing users to send cryptocurrency from one chain to another). In doing so, BXH is committed to allocating significant resources to the security and risk management of these two processes.  Furthermore, the cross-chain mechanism will adopt a new risk management model to ensure the security of cross-chain assets, while the BXH exchange will be launched in the near future.

As this is an innovative and new solution, BXH will approach the process with a strategic and thorough mindset, allowing time to research and test to provide the best possible outcome and solution for users.

With regards to the outcome of the theft investigation, and according to the efforts of third-party security agencies and the police, as well as the cooperation of the original team, the truth has finally come to light, and all the evidence has pointed to the theft carried out by third-party hackers. Additionally, they have now recovered important evidence regarding the hacker’s identity, and as such, it is believed that catching the hacker and recovering the assets are soon to come.

To learn more about the relaunch of the BXH platform and its current offerings, visit their main site, as well as the BXH Telegram and Twitter.

About BXH

BXH features a one-stop DeFi eco-platform with an AI-powered yield farming aggregator and advantageous trading pairs DEX as the core.

Focusing on providing users with capabilities in these core areas: DeFi aggregated financial management services, an advantageous trading DEX platform, and a variety of ways to play including decentralized digital trading, liquidity mining, staking dividends, etc., BXH is leading the way in providing an accessible entrance and platform for historically complicated processes.

In further transforming their business with a machine gun pool + cross-chain bridge approach, BXH is able to best serve their users while offering the most innovative and modern features for the future of decentralized trading and management.

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Twitter: bxh_blockchain

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