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Blockcage Launches IEO on Latoken, Here’s Why You Should Invest



Blockcage, a reliable and revolutionary crypto active exchange has announced the launch of its Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) on popular platform La Token. The IEO went live on 16th November and will continue until 5th December. The IEO will be carried out in three stages the details of which has been listed below,

  • Round 1 (16 Nov – 23 Nov) – 0.094 USDT
  • Round 2 (23 Nov – 29 Nov) – 0.109 USDT
  • Round 3 (29 Nov – 5 Dec) – 0.125 USDT

Blockcage is a defi revolution in the making with an to revamp the fintech world. The Blockcgae ecosystem aims to take the Defi to the next level towards Defi 2.0 and Web acts as an intermediation platform that allows traders to securely purchase cryptocurrencies, and also allows customers to make transfers to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BKG is the native digital token created on the BscScan platform that will fuel the ecosystem. BKG will be used as a utility token within the Blockcage ecosystem, including but not limited to reward and cashback, as well as payment of fees, commissions, and services provided by Blockcage. Because this is its primary purpose, it will follow rules and deadlines established by the Blockcage team when used to pay for services and fees.

BKG also allows its holders to receive discounts on products and services from partners who join the BKG & Blockcage Partnership Program, which will be disseminated and updated on the project’s website. In terms of its value, BKG will have issuance rules that will be published shortly after the publication of this material, and that, from the time of issuance, will have a floating character based on supply and demand. The BKG token would be a part of the method of the exchange that would offer discounts, promotions, access to a product or service used in the Blockcage ecosystem.

What Makes Blockcage Unique?

The main idea behind creation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general was to do what banks in nearly ten decades couldn’t do i.e banking the unbanked. However, as the crypto market gained momentum the idea took a backseat and the majority of popular and most used crypto platforms turned out to be as centralized as banks. Blockcage aims to change that with its truly decentralized crypto platform. Blockcage aims to become the largest decentralized ecosystem to build Latin America’s largest crypto active ecosystem, with a focus on finance, retail, education, and environmental sustainability.

Thousands of people around the world are still unaware of cryptocurrencies  and while some have made money with them, others have lost money in fraudulent schemes that take advantage of technology and the population’s lack of financial education. This has many believe in the country that crypto is mostly a scam and Blockcage aims to change that. Blockcage will be Brazil’s first blockchain crypto platform, with few intermediaries, most operations being on DeFi, and Blockcage will be connecting BKG in a decentralised BEP 20 network so that more people have access to decentralized, fair, and even free services. 

Blockcage aims to democratize the crypto economy by allowing more people access to decentralised technologies with fewer middlemen.It will  promote the use of crypto activities in the traditional economy by developing innovative, secure, and cost-effective financial solutions. The firm plans to assist all stakeholders in society with education that leads to empowerment and development. It will also work to alleviate people out of poverty by promoting knowledge, technology, and capital for the creation of new projects.

Why Blockcage Could Play a Key Role in Web 3.0?

The race to Web 3.0 is heating up, but the crypto ecosystem is too disintegrated and distinct at the present. Market pundits believe only a few of the current protocol and decentralized platforms would survive the heat of the regulatory wave. Blockcage aims to play a pivotal role in the web 3.0 development with its ecosystem. The smart contract ecosystem and incorporation of Defi has helped the platform remain a step ahead in Brazil.

While Web 3.0 is a key part of the Blockcage plans, the primary goal remains regarding expanding crypto adoption in Brazil. The fact that cryptocurrencies are already helping several developing nations in Africa, Brazil could repeat a similar story in Latin America with Blockcage entrance.

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