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Most of the people think that exchanges are the only option for trading cryptocurrency. Yes, it is true for instant buying and selling for long term volume trading, exchanges are less feasible. For your requirements, you need a cryptocurrency broker.

BitEclipse project was launched one and a half years ago and was created by a combination of technology as well as experienced in the huge financial industry.

BitEclipse is of such platform which will serve as your online broker and is also an exchange platform, that allows effective trading of the cryptocurrencies at international level. With BitEclipse you can trade both online as well as office. It has been created by a group of Investment banks, and fin-tech engineers who were highly inspired and motivated for building a fully transparent and innovative service of broker that meets the requirements of the traders. The BitEclipse platform and the back end system address some of the issues in the e-commerce business like patchwork platforms outdated and out of the market convention. It not only helps in removing all these obstacles but also provides high transaction speeds, facilitating the traders to have a good interaction with the market as soon as possible. In short, you are getting a revolutionary online trading platform that offers you low latency, OTC desk for trading along with discount and no spillage trading platform. The most important feature of these platforms is that it is provided with a user-friendly interface that is easy for traders to learn about how to use and love it!

There is a cryptocurrency broker network as well that will facilitate all users for trading their funds through a dealer network as in opposed to the primary exchange. BitEclipse is an over the counter platform that has sellers and some buyers who are an individually big pool of crypto and usually pair them up for sale. The other advantages of the OTC market are it assists in avoiding the slippage available in the purchase and also for earning the discounts. BitEclipse is one of the best cryptocurrency broker services, and you will certainly enjoy the flexible, rapid and highly convenient trade settlement.

The whole platform of BitEclipse has been built for serving the huge community by providing a large number of choices of doing trading in between various assets that include Index, Crypto, and Forex etc. It is also available across the worlds so that all active users in different countries. Most importantly, there is no limit on how much you can get. The fees are also affordable that offers very fast and flexible transactions with less amount.

BitEclipse has a support team who serves 24/7. They always on hand to assist in managing every kind of queries as well as disputes. They are on constant effort to offer all customers a very good experience which is something not less than excellence. This platform also sale at a low price along with the security features like escrow transactions as well as straightforward trading.

Why BitEclipse is different from others?

  • The team who developed the platform highly experiences and with vast knowledge in online brokerage. E-commerce and finance.
  • It does not allow any third party and cryptocurrency trading is done personally.
  • The technology allows for flawless incorporation of the trading system with required latency and stability.
  • The whole platform is packed with some innovative features, service as well as tools.
  • It functions well for both the beginners as well as the experienced ones.

So, we can say BitEclipse is everything in one platform for trading of several assets formed through the financial market and Fin-tech and ICT technology.

BitEclipse Token (BET) sale starts 2020.02.03 UTC 00:00 (Mon.) Register yourself today. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

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