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On March 25th, the NFT world will be introduced to a utility based limited collection of the most daring and committed bears, representing a wide range of styles and personalities: The Bear Cartel NFT. “What’s the utility?” You may ask.. Holders of the NFT, which is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, will be able to stake their bears daily and earn $HONEY. Each bear earns passive revenue as a result of this. Bear owners will be able to use $HONEY to make purchases (merch, giveaways, concert tickets, etc.) on the Bear Cartel dashboard.

In a recent interview, the Project Manager and Co-Founder Brandon Gill has shared insight into their star studded teams’ outlook stating: “We are a group of 6,666 distinct characters created on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to be the crypto space’s fastest-growing community. Your ticket to the passive income club is a Bear Cartel NFT. You can earn $HONEY by staking these one of a kind NFT’s, which you can use to buy tickets to events, merch, raffle tickets, and much more from our store! It’s also a currency that can be traded for profit, but it’s far more than that.”

Hype Behind the Bear Cartel Launch & Charitable Givings

The public will be able to mint the entire collection of 6,666 Bear Cartel NFTs. Staking functions will be implemented right after the launch, and all NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs to generate $HONEY, which can be used to purchase merch, event tickets, and the Exclusive Tesla Giveaway.

When asked about the projects’ launch plan, Marketing Director, Parm explained: “We’ll all work together to bring the 6,666 Bear Cartel NFTs out of hiding and into the open. We’ll also be focusing on advertising and collaborations to enhance the project’s growth by forming relationships that will help our bears break into the NFT space. We’re ecstatic to be able to offer prizes and airdrops to our community. You can count on us to give your clothing a unique twist with some special merchandise. To maintain aesthetic consistency, our highly sought after artist “Bop” will be the one to design all products.”

The project’s artist “Bop” will construct one-of-a-kind bears to be the focal point of his collection. Following the big revelation, these 66 one-of-a-kind NFTs will be released. This method will attract new investors, create buzz, and increase trading volume. The Bears will be randomly minted for all future holders. The artist has opted to donate $25,000 to the Polar Bear Fund to support Polar Bears who are directly affected by the extraordinary melting of sea ice and associated habitat devastation as part of the collection.

The Scoop

The total supply of Bears is limited to 6,666 pieces. Bearlisting, public sales, and giveaways will all be used to deliver the highly coveted and sought after NFT’s to the general population. Holders will have the option of exchanging their NFTs for $HONEY Coin! The projects Community Manager, Jonas recently gave us more insight into the projects release strategy and pricing of the collection stating: “2500 bears will be available in our presale for our loyal and active whitelist members at a discounted price of 0.08 ETH, after which we will begin minting for our general sale 48-72 hours later at 0.11 ETH. Continue to watch for pings in #announcements on our Official Discord since this will be the first place we announce the launch!”.

As thousands of NFT fanatics have been pursuing the limited whitelist positions in the communities discord, the project has given simple instructions to community members explaining that reaching level 5 in the discord with 10 invites will earn you your coveted Bearlist spot giving you access to Pre-sale benefits! Moderators have since confirmed that being a dedicated community member and active on all social media raids will also attract the developers’ attention.

Evolution of The Bears: Journey Into the Metaverse

To achieve evolution for the bears, “Super honey” will be created by the project’s artist “Bop”  and airdropped to its holders. Your bear might be tempted to try some of the sweet honey, but keep an eye on him. Your bear’s personality may change as a result of this!

Before collecting lands and creating a whole ecosystem in the new and cutting edge metaverse reality, the Bear Cartel will make a spectacular arrival in the Metaverse through unique events in conjunction with companies and other successful ventures.


With numerous green flags and one of the strongest online communities in the space, Bear Cartel is quickly establishing itself as one of the most promising utility based NFT projects to hit the open market this Spring. Only one question remains.. How many Bears will you be minting?

Don’t miss your chance to secure your Whitelist spot before March 25th by joining the discord below and following the  instructions. Time’s running out!







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